XboxEra Community Hangout |OT| Safe Space no longer required (Part 1)

Welcome to the first XboxEra Community OT!

For those that have been around a fair while, traditionally, the XGS OT has always served as a kind of safe space for the community to talk Xbox and gaming without having to deal with bad faith posters and concern trolls.

Since the creation of these forums, we feel that this safe space is no longer necessary.

This is the way.

However, we also recognise that for the ‘old guard’ change is scary.

So we’ve elected to do two things - first, we’ve created this OT - a general “Catch-All” thread to allow for ongoing conversation about everything that doesn’t deserve a new thread.

Secondly, the Xbox Game Studios OT will continue, but we would ask all members to treat that thread for it’s purpose - conversation specifically focused around Xbox Game Studios. Found a new job posting relating to any of the studios? Cool! Post it there.

Posts containing tweets about other subjects or general gaming are no longer necessary.

In general, we’d ask all users to remember a simple rule:

New News? New Thread.

We’re also tidying up the number of stickies we have on the board, as users can sticky threads they’re interested in on their own.


Xbox Game Studios OT

The Xbox Series X|S Guide

The XboxEra Podcast OT

Xbox Games With Gold OT

XboxEra Multiplayer/Social/LFG OT

The OT


Happy to be here! :slight_smile:

I like games

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Preferred having just one catch-all thread, but this is fine too- hi all!

We’re going for the best of both worlds. Still a “catch-all”, but with a few strings attached. :slight_smile:


New Threads smell :stuck_out_tongue:

Just in time for The Game Awards, hopefully we get some surprises today to kick this OT off with a bang!

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So this will be my new thread i can use to idle a bit and see what the latest updates are? Cool.

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Minecraft 2, Fortnite the next chapter, Robblox the great adventure

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Holy shit, we can? Could we always do that?


But seriously, how?


Not sure I like the idea of multiple super threads with themes. Like, in one hand it can lead to the discussion in the wrong place, on the word hand can be excessive and annoying moderation to stay on topic all the time.

But, let’s see how it goes before I start complaining :rofl:


Then what are you doing on a gaming forum? :wink:


Lololol I know people on forums don’t play games👀

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I should probably reword that, or @Predrag will get cross at me. It’s not ‘pinning’ in your traditional sense.

How to manually track topics you’re interested in


Is this the correct thread for me to say how impressed I am with Gears Tactics?

A few hours in, just finished Act 1. I’m really enjoying this game. Not usually a big fan of the genre (though I did enjoy the new Xcom), but it’s just a fun ride. It’s fast paced, easy enough for a dumbass like me to pick up quickly, looks & sounds great. I’m not seeing any flaws yet. The gameplay loop already feels comfy & rewarding. Go on a mission, then hit the barracks to tweak the squads gear & level up > repeat. I’m sure some people would’ve wanted a bit more to do, but I like this.

Already thinking this style of game suits Gears very well & shouldn’t just be a one-off thing.


It feels kinda weird too have two OTs😐

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I think I’m at the end of act 1. Had to leave in the middle of a boss fight for work so hopefully quick resume works lol.

But I’ve been having a blast with it a I just finished star wars fallen order before this. And Gears 5 next. Hopefully I can finish both before Christmas when I get my copy of cyber punk

Cool, I like this idea. Hopefully this means that other threads get used more for the topics they were actually created for.