Xbox Games With Gold |OT| Get 'Em While You Still Can

I think that may be it.

I redeemed the game on the Marketplace website and the game correctly shows on my library.

If I am not mistaken, when you get backwards compatible games directly through the Xbox One store (instead of being redirected to the emulated 360 store like it was before) you are only getting the Xbox One license, and not the 360/OG one. If you get the game through the old Marketplace, you are getting both licenses.

I am not sure if it is a bug or if it is intended to be this way (which would be nuts).

Surprised we haven’t heard about October’s games yet.

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This is actually not bad at all. Maid of Sker only released recently didn’t it? That’s impressive. Doesn’t seem X Enhanced, shame.

Also do not sleep on Sphinx. This game was awesome on PS2 (I played it on that) Lots of fun, Zelda influences too. Also X Enhanced.

I haven’t played any of them so I count that as good!

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Games With Gold for October 2020

Was sure to use the “old” Xbox store for the 360 and OG games to make sure you get to “own” them properly.

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I don’t think I can do that anymore. MS really should fix that.

What’s the point of games with gold at this point? I can’t imagine anyone being excited about these games. I remember the times when games with gold were praised for being much better than psplus games. I used to refresh xbox pages to see what we are getting but nowadays I don’t even check it anymore.

Personally, I’m quite excited about Slayaway camp because I was never going to pay for it tbh and looks fun. I agree, though. Might as well axe Gold completely and just have ultimate on its own or free multiplayer for those who don’t want gamepass I guess.

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Again, don’t sleep on Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. Back on PS2 I was hooked on this.

Sure, some things may not have aged well but it’s still fun as hell. Great puzzles too. And it’s in 60fps on One X.

Now available:

  • Costume Quest
  • Maid of Sker
  • Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince (free on the Korean Store / redeemable on the website)

Oh snap, Trine 4? Let’s get it! Thank you.

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Here’s some DLC (bonus level) that can be used with Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince


Can’t find Trine 4 for free? Halp. :joy:

Trine 4 is great, looks really good too! What a nice free game to have.

Not via the Korean link?

I wonder if they will throw anything special into GwG come November for the Series X|S release

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When I checked few days ago it wasn’t free

I had to scroll down a bit and press the blue button. That did it for me. Afterwards it still says the price, but I did have it downloaded by then.

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I was wondering that aswell, especially with Sony giving away Bugsnax and Destruction All-Stars for Plus members.

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Welp November is days away, My guess is we will find out tomorrow

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Surely we have to have an announcement today? October’s was announced this time last month and they can’t announce on a weekend so it’s today or tomorrow.

Hoping they announce a next gen game just as Sony did this week.