XboxEra Community Hangout |OT2| Cracking down on shitposting

Welcome to the XboxEra Community OT!

For those that have been around a fair while, traditionally, the XGS OT has always served as a kind of safe space for the community to talk Xbox and gaming without having to deal with bad faith posters and concern trolls.

Since the creation of these forums, we feel that this safe space is no longer necessary.

This is the place to talk among your peers in the Xbox Community.

This is the way.

However, we also recognise that for the ‘old guard’ change is scary.

So we’ve elected to do two things - first, we’ve created this OT - a general “Catch-All” thread to allow for ongoing conversation about everything that doesn’t deserve a new thread.

Secondly, the Xbox Game Studios OT will continue, but we would ask all members to treat that thread for it’s purpose - conversation specifically focused around Xbox Game Studios. Found a new job posting relating to any of the studios? Cool! Post it there.

Posts containing tweets about other subjects or general gaming are no longer necessary.

In general, we’d ask all users to remember a simple rule:

New News? New Thread.

We’re also tidying up the number of stickies we have on the board, as users can sticky threads they’re interested in on their own.


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Blimey. New OT.


Discourse is cool. :+1:


ESO updated version PS5


Is there a Crackdown on shitposting in here?

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Also I should get back into ESO.

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I called that there would be upgraded versions of TESO for PS5/XSX because why would they develop sequels when they don’t have to plus it gives more evidence that Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo will be the only Bethesda PS5 games.

ESO = Legacy.

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Those were confirmed months ago.

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I wonder if Remedy will remaster first Alan Wake game because would be weird to have 2 on Playstation if their console base haven’t played first game.

Really? Oh wow. I completely missed that. Any chance I missed that there will be upgrades for Dishonored 2 and DOTO?

Yup, and it’s what Phil was talking about when he mentioned games that are already on other platforms with big communities and such.

I been meaning to get into this game as well, but then I realize I still have so, so much other things left, much bigger priority too. Witcher 3 B&W, RDR2, the Yakuza games, Dragon Quest, ACV, WDL, Immortals and so on.

They announced it with Doom Eternal.

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Ah, new OT, same shenanigans.

thor GIF


Same shitposting for Crackdown.


Okay, cool. I knew about Doom Eternal since others have mentioned it. Hoping they announce an upgrade for Dishonored 2 and DOTO this year.

Crackdown? Shitposting? Never.

Nothing is more wholesome than Terry Crews, explosions, and orbs.:joy:


The publishing rights for Alan Wake reverted to Remedy in 2019, and the publishing deal with EGS is for two multiplatform games, with one being AAA, and the other being a smaller game in the same universe (per the publishing announcement). I think the smaller game could be a multiplatform remaster of Alan Wake in their new Northlight engine.

New thread, new me.

“Hey guys, I’m a cool kid looking to do cool things. Would you like to check out my calculator watch? I can spell out 80085”.