The OT [OT] - Claim your thread

We want everyone on this forum to be able to create their own little communities. This is why we’re giving people the possibility to create OT’s, official threads, for games, podcasts and more.

As we’ve been working on a website where the community can use their creativity and drive to create, we also want to give our users the chance to create interesting threads. This is why we have this OT [OT].

In this thread you can tell us if you want to make an OT for a game. There are a few rules:

  1. First come, first serve - The first person that posts in this thread about wanting to create a certain official thread, will get the chance to make this thread.
  2. OT’s that have been claimed cannot be made by someone else - If you are too late… then you are too late. You can always send someone a private message if you really want to create the OT. Maybe you could even work together.
  3. Effort - An OT should have some effort put in. Add some images, videos, an interesting title, etc.
  4. Maintain it - If you make the OT for a topic, we expect you to main the first page of the thread
  5. [OT] the OT An official thread should have [OT] between the thread title and subtitle, like this: Halo Infinite [OT] Craig approves this thread
  6. You can only claim a game/event/etc. when it’s announced
  7. OT’s can be posted 48 hours before release date/launch/etc.

Alright. You can start claiming now!

Work in progress


Shotgun Halo Infinite

Also generic Halo

it’s already been made - I’ll put some effort in later


I call if Microsoft ends the MP Paywall. :slight_smile:


Can I get a Microsoft / Xbox financials and sales OT? There is so much going on on the business side, this needs a dedicated topic.

For comparison sake it’s also better than a new topic for every fiscal quarter or news


Yes, for sure. Go ahead.

Hi. I’ve been keeping two up-to-date threads on Xbox Game Pass (console and PC) in a brazilian Xbox forum (PXB), where I’m a moderator. It’s not hard to translate it and adapt it to the english language. It’s not only a full list of 229/185 games available today, but also some context about it, in which platforms it is available, prices, perks, future additions and removals, etc. I can make something in the next few days.


Lovely initiative. We currently don’t have a general Game Pass OT, so maybe it’s an idea if you create that, with all the information you got. :slight_smile:

Is there a console screenshot thread?

I can make one, but what do mods think the rules should be? E.g 2 screenshot per thread, ot has to be labelled in-game or photo mode etc etc?

I would like to claim OT for the upcoming Forza Motorsport.

Does this mean you’ll at least stick around for a few years? Haha.

Free to open a Forza speculation and rumours thread, as I think it’ll be a while before we hear more about the game. But your request has been noted!

I’ll get back to you about this very soon.

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I ain’t going anywhere, so long as this forum doesn’t go anywhere :craig:

Could it be possible an ID@Xbox catalog OT?

To keep track of basically all the weekly releases and things like that.

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That would be great! If you want to volunteer :wink:

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Don’t mind me if I do,

With that said, should I wait for something? @SuikerBrood

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I’m doing The Medium for other Era and am happy to “port” over here.

No, go ahead!

I claim the OT for any Crimson Skies release.

Thought about this, I think we should limit it to two screenshots per post and try and minimize the amount of double posts.

I’d say everything in-game goes.

I’ll do the community icebreaker OT. Way for members to share who they are and learn about other fellow forum members

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