The OT [OT] - Claim your thread

I’d like to claim a Rock Band OT. It’d technically be for all Rock Band games but would be focused on 4.

Since new DLC is still coming out weekly it’ll definitely be constantly update (we can edit our thread titles here, right?)

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I believe so, yes.

Looking forward to the OT!

Has anyone claimed the off topic NBA thread

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Go ahead!

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Can I claim the official Gears of war thread.

I would like to claim a documentary thread, where we could post documentaries about games (for example about mechanics, game sins or the history about the video game series)

Go for it!

That sounds really interesting, can’t wait to see it

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I suppose I should post it in here

Xbox Insider Preview - ongoing


I‘d like to claim the Sea of Thieves OT, if possible.

Go ahead and make us pirates proud!

Oh, this is also for non gaming OT’s… :see_no_evil:

Sorry, I already went ahead and made a F1 OT, hope you don’t mind…

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I would like to claim Xbox next studio they acquire

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You are a prophet? :wink:

We don’t do OT’s for particular studios, as we have our Xbox Game studios OT for that. Thanks for the request though.

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LOL, So let’s trying Fighting games on Xbox

or just fighting games in general

Oh - to add to my Halo collection I’m happy to do the OT for whatever the next Halo esports tournament/series is.

You’ve been predicting this for a long time.

This idea was proposed by another member, but does anyone have any interest in making an Xbox sales OT? The OT would track Xbox store rankings, how many users/copies an Xbox exclusive sells, console sales, etc.

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I’m doing the PS5 OT on era for the console launch I can do some small changes and make it suitable for here too! probably can go even crazier since this forum supports MP4s