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and Ill be first on this one


Ah, a fresh new thread. I’ll post this again:

What the shit does this mean? FF7R Part 1? Crisis Core remaster? FF7R Part 2? Putting a Crisis Core remaster on Xbox while having Part 1 skip Xbox entirely sounds exactly like what Square Enix would do.


I believe FF7R Part 1 is coming to Game Pass, FF7R Part 2 will be multiplat.


I was gonna say, it’s crazy that stupid decisions are usually unpredictable, but with Square they seem somewhat predictable :phil_lmao:


If this is true you have to hand it to xbox as they are doing better on the Japan support

Betting against this


Hate that we have to play a guessing game every time they announce a new game.

Take my energy!

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Everyone seems to think it’s Crisis Core which

  1. Was incredibly boring on psp

  2. Bringing it to switch/xbox is dumb as hell without the main game


Atlus & Persona are coming to Xbox. Nothing is impossible anymore :fire:

I wonder how long Snitch’s account is gonna be allowed to exist without publishers tracing whatever their leak source is

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It’s reverse psychology, if we say we don’t expect it to come, it’ll eventually come :philwins:

Ff7r is not coming to gamepass. If it did it would have been announced at ms conference

My bet is ff7 remake for xbox but 70 dollar price tag launch

EGS exclusivity on PC ends on 16th. If they wanted PC + Xbox Game Pass deal they could announce until the exclusivity expires.

Game pass like three months later then

I don’t know if FF7R it’s coming to Xbox or another Ip from Square-Enix, but people should calm down and wait for tomorrow to see what happen, also, remember the Square stream only is 10 minutes long.

This is when I get my hopes up and then they are dashed by 10 minutes of season 8 of first soldier.

Something FF is coming to Xbox for sure or else everyone is gonna start distrusting Snitch :rofl:

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