XboxEra Community Hangout |OT12| The Dirty Dozen

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Wowzer! Part 12!

Anyway, Palworld, the unsung hero.


Great numbers for Palworld, and it’s hilarious people were trying to say the game flopped on xbox.


Ha yeah, those numbers are bonkers!

I hadn’t noticed that we were so close to a new thread.



I’m pretty sure the last biggest third party GP game was High on Life right?

Interesting that the two biggest games weren’t these uber hyped AAA games but AA/indie games that exploded


All the more reason why Game Pass is helpful.

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I’d love to see sales figures for Xbox/MS store on Palworld. I enjoyed it on my console thanks to Game Pass but I’ll probably buy it on Steam down the line and start fresh or cheat my way back to where I got.

Wonder how common that is?

I assume on PC side it was common. I had a couple of friends that played it on PC gamepass, and then decided they liked it enough to buy on steam


“So how much you’re worth again?”


I wonder if Palworld will be Xbox’s Genshin and just never make it to Playstation.


I’m enjoying Palworld a lot more than I thought I would.



This probably has been said already but here I go: Xbox should lock the hell out of Palworld.

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Doesn’t seem like MS style when it comes to these GP deals, I see a more likely world where MS bought them and released on everything and try to have the Minecraft effect once again but I don’t expect either scenario

Good to see them helping in dev at least

I reckon it will come eventually, just not anytime soon, I imagine the success they’ve had is well beyond anything they ever dreamed of and they know they can focus on just making the game as good as possible right now

At least on consoles I mean.

Yeah, it is on Xbox’s best interest to help them.

It would be a very smart move if they did, but I suspect it will go multiplatform.

Roblox was always exclusive to Xbox and now it’s one of the most played games on Playstation (currently 6th).

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I got to say, this put “pressure” on Foamstars if PS+ supposedly have more people than Game Pass itself. I know that’s not the case, but in case of platform war, you know damn well social media will dunk on them if not Palworld success.

See, even I can call out my side of fan base…

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