XboxEra Community Hangout |OT4| Meat Circus

Welcome to the XboxEra Community OT!

For those that have been around a fair while, traditionally, the XGS OT has always served as a kind of safe space for the community to talk Xbox and gaming without having to deal with bad faith posters and concern trolls.

Since the creation of these forums, we feel that this safe space is no longer necessary.

This is the place to talk among your peers in the Xbox Community.

This is the way.

However, we also recognise that for the ‘old guard’ change is scary.

So we’ve elected to do two things - first, we’ve created this OT - a general “Catch-All” thread to allow for ongoing conversation about everything that doesn’t deserve a new thread.

Secondly, the Xbox Game Studios OT will continue, but we would ask all members to treat that thread for it’s purpose - conversation specifically focused around Xbox Game Studios. Found a new job posting relating to any of the studios? Cool! Post it there.

Posts containing tweets about other subjects or general gaming are no longer necessary.

In general, we’d ask all users to remember a simple rule:

New News? New Thread.

Previous discussions:

Cool from the Siege team for this.

Osa’s ability sounds like something I wanted on Siege for a long time. Shame I uninstalled the game just yesterday :rofl:


Oh. Nice new OT, in before that clown smell…


Need a better title. OT3 had such a shitty title.


Honk Honk

Okay, in Hades is there anyways to see which weapons you collected Titan Blood with? Or do you just gotta remember?

How about

XboxEra Community Hangout |OT4| Here Comes The Circus


“The Circus is Always in Town”

“From Asphodel to Zeta Halo”

“Circus Maximus”?

Circus themes?

How about

“Ministry of Silly Walks”

from Monty Python


A new OT.

Title should’ve been

‘‘Community Hangout |OT4| With Xbox callgirls in Dubai’’

But, sure.


Jump right in to christening suggestions

I went completely off the tracks, as per usual. :smiley:


I love it as being apart of that thread, but I feel like 99% of people won’t get it.

This is why it was a big mistake @Sikamikanico to make me a moderator.

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‘‘Community Hangout |OT4| Gators, Clowns and Kojima, Oh My!"

Man I still have no idea what the shit happened. Should’ve woken up earlier smh.

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That would be a Prog Hangout OT :wink:

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Ha, my blazing fast moderating skills made for a very incrowd meme. Good stuff.


|OT4| Insert Suggestive Title Here