XboxEra Community Hangout |OT6| New Year, Same Three Topics

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Hello thread

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I should have read more of that information if that was Souls with mechs. Do not want

The survey info there doesn’t say anything like that.

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It’s better than I remembered, also, with that retro 60s style, it’s the Deathloop we’ll get until end of the year. XD

Anyway I feel Xbox is leaning a bit too heavy on coop shooters for GP catalogue: Back4Blood, Aliens, this one and R6E the same month, Warhammer Darktide “soon”, etc…IDK if it’s becaue they are particularly popular or it’s a coincidence.


this is why I been saying Suicide Squad is a lock for GP as well. I can just see the whole thing in my head already lmao. These co-op shooters are slowly becoming the “gamepass game”. Of course that might not happen if Redfall releases around the same time, but yeah I wouldn’t at all be surprised if that’s the other AAA third party game on GP this year.

No its definitely the game pass game by default.

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IDK if this association is good for the service, the average quality of these games is questionable imo.

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Extraction was the easiest lock for game pass in all of 2022.

Co-op has a special effect on a service like this where everyone can go from game to game and play together without worrying about who has what. It also means that friends that don’t have the service are either going to buy the games or have FOMO.l and ultimately sign up.

I’d be leaning heavily into co-op also.

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I think there is a slight difference in a co-op game like it takes two and all these horde shooters.

Yeah, one is a one play through and done and the other is hop on and have fun random nights with your buddies.

Some party games would make excellent Game Pass games without being shooters.

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Hopefully Redfall blows us all away, cuz I haven’t been impressed with a single one of these games yet, including what little they’ve shown of Suicide Squad. Why do these enemies have to have no personality whatsoever? They all homogenize around this slender “infantry” or “top heavy” tanks, silhouetted bodies with no interesting detail. This Anacrusis game just looks like you on a spaceship with some other folks fighting the Typhon Phantoms from Prey, but they come in hordes. All feels pretty mindless tbh.

Yeah, mindless fun is good sometimes, but not my jam honestly, Arkane is way more sophisticated as game designers than all of the aforementioned games studios (Rocksteady included), so I hope we get an innovative coop shooter, not different blends of the same game.

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Party Animals is a good get on that front.

You also have to consider the times. We’re year 2 in a pandemic and games are how many friends are connecting. I think there are a lot of reasons that they lean co-op.

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The thing about Redfall, is that it seems that co-op is truly optional, so it shouldn’t be that much of a problem really.

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Not touching co-op on that game in the slighest.