XboxEra Community Hangout |OT9| Waiting for Developer_E3

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OT8 Part 9

I’m in :+1:

Hopefully the thread title changes fast to ‘waiting for XO22’

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The smell of a fresh thread

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New thread!!

So far, so good I would say


Wait. I don’t hesitate even a little bit when saying that. I have zero desires for a new one, and there would have to be some kind of major step-change improvement for me to take the leap. I don’t think technology itself has advanced far enough since launch for that to be likely.

A Plague Tale Requiem is already playable if you live in New Zealand or are planning to move there soon. :wink: :wink:


Mid gen refresh seems kinda weird to me because we are two years in and console prices have gone up. Is a mod gen refresh going to come in at $700?


It wouldn’t surprise me especially for sony if they were that expense. I also dont think we see a mid gen refresh till 2024 more likely 2025 so by then I can also see prices being the same as they are now


I think both companies are working on one but does it mean it’ll release ? Who knows.


This could actually be exactly what’s going on


They can get away with it

Thats the point.

Before it was like…well we cant sell enough of these and people wont buy them. No times have changed. A mid gen refrsh at 609 or 700 would absolutley sellout

Theyll lrioritise that and then demand for base consoles will decrease allowing for more breather on stock and they can focus on mid gen refresh…at a much hgiher price point.

Ms would be stupid to increase price of series x. But you know what? Series x pro at 700 would be a better viable option

Yep, just started it. Gonna wait to see whether there’s a day one patch though.


About the new hardware, my guess is that it’s just the hardware refresh where they’re making them more efficient and cheaper to make. PS5 already got 2, and Xbox is likely about to get their first refresh soon.

At best I think we can be getting a digital XSX coming from this rumor, to compete with the digital PS5.

XO22 would be the megaton of the year (forget ABK)

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I doubt it tbh because Microsoft and other publishers pretty much know in advance what is exclusive or not


At best we should wait for XO23 :joy:

Game got a patch like 2 days ago so that’s probably it for launch. But I’m confident that if there’s enough demand for a 60 FPS mode, they will look into it.

I played the first 30 min and it is smooth and plays great at 30 FPS. And turn off motion blur, it’s useless.

It’s headache inducing more like.


Surprised to wake up and see that there’s no reviews for A Plague Tale Requiem. Does anyone know when the review embargo lifts?