XboxEra Community Hangout |OT3| Setting Low Expectations

Welcome to the XboxEra Community OT!

For those that have been around a fair while, traditionally, the XGS OT has always served as a kind of safe space for the community to talk Xbox and gaming without having to deal with bad faith posters and concern trolls.

Since the creation of these forums, we feel that this safe space is no longer necessary.

This is the place to talk among your peers in the Xbox Community.

This is the way.

However, we also recognise that for the ‘old guard’ change is scary.

So we’ve elected to do two things - first, we’ve created this OT - a general “Catch-All” thread to allow for ongoing conversation about everything that doesn’t deserve a new thread.

Secondly, the Xbox Game Studios OT will continue, but we would ask all members to treat that thread for it’s purpose - conversation specifically focused around Xbox Game Studios. Found a new job posting relating to any of the studios? Cool! Post it there.

Posts containing tweets about other subjects or general gaming are no longer necessary.

In general, we’d ask all users to remember a simple rule:

New News? New Thread.

Previous discussions:

First non-system post!! :joy:

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From the previous page

You meant to say what is positive for him doesn’t necessarily have to be positive for us, right? But it’s not factual yet. We have no idea. :slight_smile:

It’s getting close now, hope nobody leaks a damn thing. Predictions are fine, but no big leaks I hope.


yeah real doom posting will be happen after E3 lol. why ? because prog will come back cause Phil didn’t announce Crackdown 4


That’s something I can get behind!

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yeah it’s not about jez this apply to all insiders like Klop…etc

If there’s no Crackdown 4 at E3, I will never ever concern or shit post again!!!


True. They might think something like AOE is exciting, while for me it’s something I don’t care about at all, it’s not even on the console either.


Starting the new thread with a little scoop for you! :slight_smile:


Jez was asked like 3-4 times to say who’s developing typhoon… just wants to let that be unveiled at E3, which is fair.

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If you think about it. Xbox very much has their own third person action adventure that people keep begging for, it IS Crackdown. It just never really took off, in the sense of becoming truly huge, truly great. I won’t deny I had fun with 3, but if you’d ask me to give you one memorable moment now…i couldn’t. It’s kinda too bad, it could be so much more.

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EA and free upgrade ?


This is the boom or bust of E3 for me lmao.

I just think Typhoon is Avalanche and idk how to feel about that.

I doubt Its Bungie.

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Jedi Fallen Order is an excellent game!!! Highly recommended!!! Hoping Respawn is developing a sequel to it along with Titanfall 3!!!

Agreed. It’s only a few more weeks.

Crackdown is definitely NOT the third person action adventure game that im begging for. lol. I do hope the Ryse 2 rumors end up being true though. I would be so happy!!!

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I should have worded it differently.

While it’s absolutely true that overall a third person action adventure is lacking on Xbox, probably will be for a while, Crackdown was one. But now it’s rip. :slight_smile:

Ryde 2 with much more moves, many improvements, way less repetitive…sign me up. Wouldn’t be an exclusive though.

See even @Shpeshal_Nick agrees with me that the show will be atleast good and better than last year!

And I’m sorry I used “Doom posting” which maybe was a bit harsh I just think some here judged a bit to soon and shouldn’t set their expectations to low before knowing the whole thing.


Crackdown 3 is definitely a third person action adventure game. Just not one im interested in. Definitely hoping Ryse 2 is real, exclusive or multi-platform, I don’t care even though I will say that if it’s real, I would make sure that it’s exclusive to Xbox since it launched exclusively for Xbox One. What a damn good game Ryse was.

As long as we see a lot of gameplay, this year’s showcase should easily be better than last year’s.