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Usually Free play Days don’t have games this recent. But for now until I think Monday we have…

FarCry 6

Lost Judgment

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Yeah I know all about it. My account here was first made to rant about Xbox banning a certain rail shooter (which just got another new Switch entry) lmao. Gamuzumi was told to cut 50% of the content out of their visual novels to be allowed on Xbox (would it even still be a coherent story? They are basically being told to rewrite it). “Eroge” isn’t particularly the right term. That’s reserved for outright porn games which I would obviously have no problem with Xbox or any other console banning because those would be AO rated. These fall under “ecchi” so there isn’t nudity or sex or anything of the sort.

As for Xbox seemingly denying this Nun Massacre game… I really don’t know? He “tried everything” I guess. This also makes me question just how many indie devs are denied from an ID release but don’t come out and say it. If you ever see an indie game release on all platforms except Xbox this could be the reason why… ID wasn’t playing nice with them.

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Sometimes it feels weird with what games are allowed to be published and which ones are not.

Guess the issue might be similar to Sony’s where there are different people approving various games.

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It’s weird to you that a game called Nun Massacre didn’t get published?

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There were two games mentioned but even, if it was allowed on Playstation and Switch (and Switch allows almost everything), I see no reason why it cannot be allowed on Xbox. But then again sometimes require censorship on one platform and not on another and so on.

I hardly know about this game but from the “box art” it looks to me like it’s the nun doing the massacring.

If censoring is part of why that game isn’t on Xbox then their previous game should have been the one that didn’t make it.

Nun Massacre is a game where a creepy nun chases the player around some old abandoned building while the player tries to escape.

Their previous game Murder House, which is available on Xbox, involves a dude in a bunny suit stalking and killing people. In the beginning of this game he stalks a child until hes “murdered” in a jump scare.

This might go back to a theory I’ve said before where the people reviewing the games have different “content standards”. So Murder House got a “lenient” person and Nun Massacre got a “strict” person. We saw this happen with Gamuzumi’s (who I mentioned just before) visual novels too. They were allowed exactly once to publish a visual novel on Xbox, and this one was even censored on Playstation but not on Xbox.

First Time that i seen this banner in Italy (Mediaworld)


That’s what I thought as well

Weekly Japan Sales

Software Sales (physical only)

  1. [PS4] Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – 28,944 / NEW
  2. [NSW] Pokemon Legends: Arceus – 23,067 / 2,177,459
  3. [PS4] Elden Ring – 19,487 / 293,628
  4. [PS5] Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – 17,905 / NEW
  5. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 16,078 / 4,499,542
  6. [NSW] Minecraft – 9,755 / 2,561,419
  7. [PS4] Gran Turismo 7 – 9,447 / 94,818
  8. [NSW] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – 9,111 / 4,813,641
  9. [NSW] Triangle Strategy – 8,429 / 112,107
  10. [NSW] Mario Party Superstars – 8,182 / 912,325

Hardware Sales

Switch – 85.497 (24.193.311) PlayStation 5 – 16.968 (1.462.043) Xbox Series X|S – 3.554 (163.900) 3DS - 287 (24.591.468) PlayStation 4 – 10 (9.395.076)

Final Fantasy Origin is a complete and utter bomb. Quite possibly one of the worst selling FF in Japan’s history. A little sad because I enjoyed it. Square should be absolutely sweating over their decision to accept making FFXVI only available on PS5 and nothing else though, I think it’s going to be the worst selling mainline FF game…

Xbox pulls it’s usual decent 3-4k.


It wouldn’t surprise me if we got a FFXIV port sooner rather than later so that Square can keep funding their terrible decisions.


There have been some games in the past that were just tasteless, also these games just weren’t good either. Solely made to rile people up, to bring commotion.

But some of the stuff posted by you guys here earlier doesn’t seem to bad. I don’t get why that Japanese game never made it through.

We return to a world of pure assassination in today’s episode of #CoffeeWithCabesa. It’s Hitman 2 on PC at max settings with @JesseJSNorris Twitch


I think that Japanese game didn’t get published due to it probably sexualizing a minor. Hell the picture they are using as advertisement features a girl in a school issued swimsuit with a dog collar on. So it wouldn’t surprise me if the game had even more questionable content lol.

If that’s the case Microsoft Gaming needs to create a set of rules for everyone to follow when it comes for approving games and make sure not to let personal biases interfere. Except Galgun and games like it.