Xbox Games With Gold |OT| Get 'Em While You Still Can

Thought we could have all Games With Gold discussion in one thread

Here is a list of all the games that were part of the games with gold program for both

Xbox One and Xbox 360

For reference: Xbox One games are yours only while you subscribe. Xbox 360 games are yours forever

PS. Remember the golden rule. If they haven’t announced the games by around the 25th of the previous month, it’s probably going to be a meh month.

Here is the PS Plus Thread

Games With Gold for August 2023


They should just stop, lol. Clearly all their attention is on Game Pass.

Games With Gold for August 2020

Not an exciting month, but I’m always happy for more Xbox Original stuff with the X enhancements.

Yeah I personally love it when they give away OG Games. Helps me build up that library, particularly given that I sold mine now

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I’m at an interesting place with Gold. The gold on my account expires in a couple days, but I have gamepass ultimate with a local family member. For all extents and purposes I don’t need gold on my account, yet I haven’t gone without it for the entire generation.

Though thinking of it now, I would still need it on my account to play all the games I picked up with gold over the years.

At the end of the Games with Gold video it says that the games are available to anyone with Gold or Game Pass Ultimate. I don’t know if that also applies to your Games with Gold back catalogue.

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I believe it does

I think August actually seems like an alright month, especially for the 2 OG Xbox games.

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I fucking love it when they give OG Games lol. I’d take 4 of those if given the option.

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Yeah, I’m always in for OG Xbox games.

how many mx games are still out there

i want to know how long this suffering will take

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Can’t remember the last game I actually downloaded from this let alone claimed :laughing:

I do appreciate the original Xbox games, but man these lists have been pretty poor lately.

Agreements with publishers on upcoming games are likely done months in advance typically, so my observation is that this may point to Xbox announcing that ‘Games with Gold’ as a standalone thing with Xbox Live Gold could definitely be going away as they announce their plans maybe in August for their services going forward.

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Yeah, I definitely get the impression this lends credibility to Live Gold going away. I think GWG too. Game Pass only as sub. We should know within the month, I think.

Nothing really special this month, but Its atleast kinda nice to add those two OG xbox BC games to the collection, even if they are not the greatest of games…

I feel like GWG is on the way out, I would rather them spend more money and time on getting cool shit for game pass myself.

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I wouldn’t be mad if Microsoft end the games with gold feature at the end of the year/start with the series x. Gamepass is really killing it.