PlayStation Plus |OT| Your Instant Game Collection

We have the Gold Thread and now we have a PS Plus thread!

Come get your “free” games here every month.

Here are the lists by Region of the PS Plus games that have been provided thus far

PS Plus Games for February 2024

Wow, Instant Game Collection takes me back to those glorious days when PlayStation was behind Xbox so they were the ones going for those “pro-consumer” moves.

It was mind blowing having all those games for “free” at the same time back then.

This is worst month in a long time. I have no interest in these games and they’re on PS Now anyway.

Have a prepaid PS+ card I’ve been sitting on, might re-up to claim SF5. No real interest in ever paying money for it but I know I’d enjoy it here and there.

Also yes the title brings back those late PS3 feels… Good times.

PS Plus Games for September 2020

PS Plus Games for October 2020

PS Plus Games for November 2020

PS Plus Games for December 2020

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Yeah… GwG needs to step the fuck up.

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I’m sorry but how does this and games with gold get pinned but Game Pass OT doesn’t? I don’t get it. SMH.

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Are you the master of pins? I DEMAND NINTENDO

Well, what do you think is more essential? Game Pass, PlayStation Plus or Games With Gold? Pinning PlayStation Plus and Games With Gold over Game Pass makes no sense to me whatsoever.

P.S. - Fuck Nintendo. Nintendo Sucks. LMAO. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Watch out mate what you say on the internet. :o

Nintendo is awesome. If not for them, we wouldn’t be playing PlayStation and in turn Xbox so for that, I will always be grateful for Nintendo. Loved them back in the NES/SNES days. Since N64, I simply moved on. A healthy Nintendo is great for the gaming industry but I personally have no interest in them regardless of what they do or don’t do. I learned this about a year ago when I realized that I have only played and completed 6 Nintendo published games in a span of 15 years or so.

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This shouldn’t be pinned globally

Any chance that Game Pass OT gets pinned considering that it’s much more essential to the Xbox brand, eco-system and future?

Wrong thread but since nintendo is basicly dead on this forum play Xenoblade :slight_smile:

No thanks bud.