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At least I tried

No harm in trying but look on the positive side, if Dishonored 3 eventually gets announced, that’s a guaranteed playthrough. :slight_smile:

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lol okayy next one. What about Prey?

Sorry but nope. That looks immensely boring and doesn’t appeal to me at all.

I hate you :frowning:


Now kith.

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I still can’t believe they are giving only the PS5 version of games when they are actually a free upgrade over the PS4.

Interestingly, Greedfall should update to PS5 at some point.

They want ps5 unser to have a premium offer I guess.

for free?

Believe so

I understand! But when they do it with a cross-buy game like Maneater, Bugsnax, etc., it is not like they are giving more to PS5 users, I can only see it as taking it away from PS4 users.

Due do the phrasing used on the announcement, I don’t believe the upgrade will be free :frowning: I think it will be more like Warhammer: Chaosbane.

Push people to buy a ps5 is their motivation.

Man… Games with Gold is fucking embarassing in comparison.

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I think gold is very decent this month.

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Yeah, I agree. And since I have Gold bundled with Game Pass Ultimate, it is hard for me to differentiate both services, and both Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Greedfall are on Game Pass.

Yeah well, “decent” and the best in like years. Compared to PS+ it’s crap.