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and Gamepass is on a whole different lvl instead :slight_smile: gold has been the poor stepchild of gamepass since some time.

I know but that is a different service. GwG and PS+ are directly comparable. They should just nuke Gold all together imo.

No but ps now and gamepass is. Playstation focus is on ps plus while xbox focus is on gamepass. Xbox will nuke gold once gamepass hits a critical mass.

Can we remain on topic and not devolve into comparison discussions when there is no call for it at all? This is what I’d expect to see on other forums, not on Xbox Era. Let’s be better than this.

3 great months in a row :slight_smile:

Oh wow. I already own Greedfall and Shadow on PS but funnily enough returned my Xbox copy of Maneater, that I purchased a week ago, yesterday because I felt this would hit Gamepass super soon.

Sometimes Life just works.

PS Plus Games for Januaey 2021

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Man that’s kinda crazy. The game isn’t too old either. I miss this with GwG to be honest. I mean it’s not a bad month but it definitely could be a lot better overall. PS truly gets some real big ones often.

PS Plus and PS Now are almost always games I have already. Have the three of these.

Maneater though, is that PS5 only just out of interest?

Just beat the Last of us part 2 if I had to give it a score it would be 85 I give the first one 88

PS5 only, since they don’t have a smart delivery like feature

Can anyone more familiar with PS tell what the cross-play is like on PS nowadays?

Is there pretty much parity across PS and Xbox in terms of what games can cross play? Or is PS still holding some back?

I haven’t checked recently but last I looked things are getting better all the time, I know the usual FTP big hitters have full crossplay, the last COD and Warzone have it and Star Wars Squadrons.

I guess the good news is that if the big publishers “expect” or “demand” cross play it becomes much more likely that anything other than full cross-play will become the exception rather than the norm. I would love Monster Hunter crossplay though, it would be so much better with a larger pool of hunters.

Does MH have crossplay on Xbox? With PC?

Nope, not a Legiana sausage. Such a shame, the game is amazing but the population playing on Xbox (at least here in Germany, if its region locked) is pitiful when I load it up.

[edit] I know its FTP so not really comparable, but Dauntless whenever I try is always bustling, and I just think its the worse game compared to MH:W crossplay is amazing and such be mandated in every online game especially where there are no competitive concerns from a PvP POV.

Great month over here also

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lmao Remedy gave Xbox the standard version on gamepass but ultimate version with RT and all DLCs on ps plus? Weird.

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They have a deal with Sony for this game primarily

yeaah it’s unfortunate. Wasn’t the first DLC timed on Playstation too? 505 fucking sucks for what they’ve done with this game. Hope Remedy can get tf away from them asap and get with Epic soon so all this shit can be over hopefully

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PS Plus Games for February 2021

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