Xbox Games With Gold |OT| Get 'Em While You Still Can

Regardless of the quality of the games, I always download them since you get to keep the X360 and OG Xbox games. I was hoping next-gen, they would add Xbox One to that ownership tier.

[removed game link that is no longer free]

I’ve not tried any of these, are there any stand out games?

Not really honestly.

Wish GWG would just repeat early GWG 360 titles cause games have been very lackluster as of late.

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I think this is because Xbox Live Gold is going away soon, my guess is September.

I love when they give OG Xbox games away even if I don’t plan on ever playing them. I always preferred the free 360 games over the Xbox One games anyways. I wonder what a potential final month of games with gold could look like. What games would be good for a final month?


I know they’ll probably never do it but I wish they’d add some achievements to OG Xbox games. It would give some people the chance to discover older games that probably never consider playing.

Something simple like completing the game on each difficulty for a certain achievement amount. Guess we’re just lucky they went to the trouble adding them in the first place.

I always claim every game because ya never know if it could be a hidden gem.

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Me too. When they first announced the OG BC, I read an article stating achievements so I thought they were adding them. My heart was fluttering at the thought of getting achievements in KoTOR 1+2, would probably be too much work I guess.

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The Squirrel is disappointed. And he’s put some good reasons into it.

@Klobrille is absolutely right.

I have theorised before that Gold will stay, but merely move into some sort of discount/free game program going forward. We shall see.

So, it’s not happening, uh? That’s… kinda disappointing. At least make it like PS+ so that f2p users don’t have to pay as well…

Override Mech City Brawl is really fun to play. Give it a try when possible!

Played some mx unleashed the other day, it was quite nice going back to an arcade dirt bike racer, with a real punk/rock soundtrack from real artists, games like this do not really happen these days, i dont know if its 4k on the 1x but it looks pretty good for an og xbox game.

Any updates as to why we can no longer buy 12 month gold codes? I seriously hope it doesn’t get jacked up to $100/year.

Really hope they didn’t jack up the price of yearly Xbox Gold and there is something deeper than this.

I’ve noticed you can still buy cards from retailers but I’m not sure if that’s just until they run out.

I don’t remember the last time I played a game I got with gold, and I remember times back in 2016 when gwg were much better than psplus games. Nowadays, I’d exchange the whole year of gwg for 1 month of psplus games, and I’m not exaggerating. Microsoft clearly doesn’t bother with gwg anymore, they put all of their focus on gamepass.

Red Faction and Override are legit exciting. The other two are meh, but imo this is the best we’ve gotten in a long time.

Hoping Forza Horizon 3 is in September with the delisting. I have it on disc but would love to get digital. If it doesn’t show in games with gold guess I’ll just pick it up on sale though.


Is GwG acting weird for anyone else? I tried to DL Red Faction but it still says I have to pay and is not showing up as free. It is even in the GwG section now :thinking:?