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Well look who it is


Like some other videos do YouTube asks me for my CC info or a picture of my ID, sigh. Nope.


I know what’s going to happen

All next September/October, I’m going to be stewing, thinking to myself, is Infinite 100% done right now, with nothing being done with it. Are we’re just waiting until November so they can realease it on the 20 year anniversary?

I.E. could I have been playing this game all along??? Gimme the damn game!!!

Go ahead, high ground lovers. I gave it to you on a silver platter :wink:

Javier G joined Undead Labs as Principal Design Manager :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi :wave:

Welcome :green_heart:

Edit: put it here :point_down:

this OT is only for things related to Xbox First-Party Studios :slightly_smiling_face:


GASP! It’s THE IdleSloth!


Also, did I mishear or was that distinct organic sound of THE FLOOD that I heard in the last Halo Infinite audio update?


Huh. Random Doomguy doll on the shelf in that Stalker 2 video. GSC Game World getting in on the shelf game? What does it all mean???


GSC being bought by Bethesda. I’m calling it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now that actually brings up an interesting question:

Can Bethesda makes acquisitions? Can Microsoft make acquisitions through Bethesda?

Like Bethesda already has a thing with the Japanese Government when they founded and bought Tango Softworks. However, if Microsoft tried to set up a new studio in Japan or buy a Japanese studio, they may have some push back being “new” into the scene right?

So if Phil sees a JRPG developer, could Microsoft get that developer through Bethesda, and put it under the Bethesda branch?

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Seeing as Bethesda should operate as a second publishing brand under Xbox like XGS, they should theoritically be able to make acquisitions like XGS, unless there is something I’m missing. Or something more like either Matt Booty, and whoever is responsible to do that stuff at Bethesda, make recommandations to Spencer and then MS acquire that studio and place them in the publishing brand that made the recommandation.

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I have a feeling FH5 will be the first to have soft monetization. Ie; “Fus Do Rah” horn special offer 190 schmeckle coins

Forza Horizon in Skyrim, Oblivion, Hammerfell

They should be able to proxy buy for Beth.

PS - Todd Vaughn is the Matt Booty equivalent on the Beth side. He was at the round table when Matt was also present.

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I shutter at the thought of where the purse is you keep your schmeckle coins in

In my prison pocket. I thought everyone did?

For real though, I’d love to see more integration of Bethesda IP’s into XGS games as full blown Easter Eggs or shout-outs.

Imagine Forza Horizon 5 DLC 1 - Bethesda Land. They turn the actual Bethesda land into a theme park racing area themed after Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Prey, Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein etc.

I mean there was a Lancer in the Xbox/PC version of Wastelands 3, Gears 5 had a TON of cross-studio stuff with banners and sprays, SoT had different ship decorations based on XGS stuff, let’s do the same with Bethesda stuff!

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I’ve brought this up before in the acquisition thread - since Bethesda is remaining semi-independent, I don’t see why they cannot grow inorganically as well as organically.