XboxEra Community Hangout |OT| Safe Space no longer required (Part 1)


Did the Act 1 final boss last night. Thought it was really cool. It kept me moving & thinking the whole time. Took quite a long while as well, felt great when I finally beat it.

New thread looks fiiine! @Sikamikanico

So glad to have this forum, thanks everyone for all the hard work on the site.

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Ayye any Among Us fans around?


To be honest… I was kinda done with it after playing 3 hours. Like, it’s a nice game for a lockdown. And I had fun with it. But it’s not a mindblowing experience :stuck_out_tongue:

The fun starts with friends :wink:

So you’re telling me my friends are no fun!? :wink:

I’m not that good at those kind of games though. I can’t lie and I’m not sneaky enough to make the most out of Among Us. Some of my friends are really good at it, which is fun. But after 3 hours of humilation I had enough :smiley:

Talk about a scorching hot take.

Window’s Central takes lately have just been awful all around.

Looks sus.


I never tried Among Us. It seems fun.


haha you could hide that with map knowledge^^


Interesting if true. PS5 first half seems promising with this and Ratchet and Kena. Hope Xbox has something at least now that the latter half is halo and maybeeee Starfield. Psychonauts 2 is gonna be great, presuming it’s even first half to begin with.

Don’t know to post these two suggestions here or not but here goes -

Can the Xbox Series X topic from Bruno be pinned? A lot of great information in there and shouldn’t be falling down the page in my opinion.

Also, can the Game Pass topic be pinned as well? Thanks.



why is this flagged? I posted this specifically in context to my expectations from XGS in the first half of 2021 as that’s the half which is ambiguous right now.

haha maybe aussie dollaridoos or canadian? idk but 90 USD would be disaster, that’s why.

yeah I was surprised too lol

If it were Australian it would be 125. That’s the starting price of ps5 games here unfortunately

that’s some yikes right there