Can we manually pin our preferred topics?

I was browsing a few of my favorite topics and didn’t find this option at the bottom. These are topics I want to always have at hand. The only topics that we are able to pin or unpin seem to be the ones that were “officially” pinned? Is this correct?

If possible, I’d like to suggest this feature.

There is no pinning in that sense for users but there are two other tools that you can use for your favorite topics:

  1. Use the Tracking button on the bottom of the page and set which type of staying up with the topic activity you want:

The same button is available under the slider in the sidebar:

Clicking on that button will bring you options to choose:

  1. Use the Bookmark option for the first post in the topic.

This way you can build your collection of topics or posts which are accessible when you click on your avatar in the header, just under it or if you use link Bookmarks on the top of the page.

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