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Yeah… we know :pensive:

Thankfully, @Shpeshal_Nick is not reliable, neither is Jeff Grubb. /s

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not mad at all tbh, I just don’t want any of their future games to skip the ecosystem and that’s fine by me. Fromsoft has found great success in going multiplat ever since DS3 and recently Sekiro. Elden Ring will sell more than any of their previous games, it’s guaranteed.

Do you know why, in the Xbox Store, it shows a certain number of reviews at the top but then when you go to Reviews it shows a much bigger number? I have checked and it happens with all games.


sorry, but this Gif is too good LMAO :rofl:

I didnt have expectations for that.

it is a pity that it is not happening. it would be huge for Xbox to have a souls-like on Game Pass… well,

it is what it is. next. :slightly_smiling_face:

we have this topic for that. :slightly_smiling_face: :point_down:

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That is strange. While this is a small thing, I think it’d help push some of these games more through the store and Gamepass if the numbers seemed bigger… would just overall make these games look more popular than they are currently too.

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Okay, thanks.

Next week.

The squirrel @Klobrille shared his thought about Bethesda, personally, I expect option (2) No Exclusives. Bethesda franchises has a huge fanbase in all consoles and yet it started its journey with Nintendo fans back in 2017, so the good choice is not to demolish Bethesda legacy.

I’m ok with “No Exclusive” option

But, there’s always an exceptional chances : )

I expect that you will be wrong :yum:


Give me your business reasons why Xbox would make one of the biggest video game acquisitions at 7.5 billion in history only to have Bethesda function as before to put their games everywhere including PlayStation. My common sense view of that would be comparable to Phil Spencer getting the Microsoft CEO and Board to just piss away 7.5 billion to prove it is possible.


Sataya to Phil: “Yo burn some money and while you at it go multiplat”


Nothing like spending 7.5Billion to keep the status quo in the gaming landscape!

LOL, I will truly question my own sanity if Xbox does something crazy here. Imagine watching Nintendo and PlayStation be super successful from their exclusive IPs and spending 7.5 billion to get some incredible IPs that you generously provide to PlayStation owners for “reasons”.


It’s actually impossible that things just stay the same across the board. The amount of money they spent obligates them to have a reason, an strategy for the future. If their strategy was to use money and leave everything the same and hope that something goes in their favor, Nadella would never have accepted it.

I think after the commitments already in place, they will be 100% exclusive. I’m sorry, but you don’t spend that much money to sell another person’s product.

I think it’s appropriate that Gamepass is sometimes referred to as the “Netflix of the gaming”. Netflix has made many acquisitions to put its service beyond the reach of any competitor. Netflix does not sell it service by putting it on Amazon Prime or Disney Plus. They keep exclusive to their platform so people in vest in that platform.

That is exactly what MS is doing. They’re selling the service. The only way Bethesda games appear on a Playstation platform is that if they have the Gamepass app on the console.

Soon it will be available everywhere via streaming. Whether it be PC or a smart TV app. And people are going to sit their with a straight face and think MS is going to fuck up all those potential subscriptions by selling their game on the Playstation? I’m sorry, but they are suffering from delusions.

You can flip this to the strides microsoft was taking with Street Fighter and Final Fantasy and now in the console space their games seem to be playstaton exclusive. Companies throw money, so they can have games exclusive to their platform.

I think Minecraft is a special case because it would’ve been bad to make exclusive since that game is much bigger than gaming.

If the games would be ALL multiplat they would’ve already told. Remember all that was said yet is: “case by case” and no reasonable person reads a “no” out of that.

Since this thread is talking about same topic as other thread, may as well repost it here too…

Regardless of what happens immediately in 2021 with Zenimax/Bethesda, this will be an interesting point to revisit in 3 years 2024 to see how/what strives have been made.

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