Achievement Hunting |OT| Every point counts

Welcome to the topic dedicated to every achievement hunter on XboxEra!

Feel free to use this topic to tell us about your latest achievements, what you plan to play next, what are your most difficult completions and even to try to gather players to a multiplayer boosting session.

The XboxEra leaderboard

I have created a request-only leaderboard on TrueAchievements dedicated exclusively to XboxEra members. If you want to join you just need to send a request on TA and post in here letting me know in this thread.

# User Gamertag GamerScore
1. Plagueborne The Wicked Soul 734.777
2. KARMAgoesHARD KARMAgoesHARD 604.779
3. Scottish_Sin Scottish Sin 526.690
5. FairyEmpire baboy1337 372.530
6. Chyld989 Chyld989 359.075
7. SheepDip Ryuukishi634 355.885
8. Akosii Akosii 324.545
9. MasterLeePhD Master Lee PhD 307.449
10. Shadowgasm Shadowgasm 276.585
11. FunkyOne Sir Funkified 231.538
12. low187 ShadowArceus5 226.670
13. Knottian Knottian 206.455
14. CallMeCraig matsze 205.325
15. brunopcosta1 brunopcosta1 199.225
16. BananaBox39 MaidenLOKO 182.375
17. n0tjack n0tjack 162.427
18. DeusJabu DeusJabu 158.934
19. Xumbrega ctZz1 150.247
20. TheSego The Sego 146.428
21. Mort Mortaigne 144.267
22. MrZweistein MrZweistein 128.500
23. Bugalugs214 bugalugs214 124.685
24. Sikamikanico Sikamikanico 123.426
25. Bluehawk357 BlueHawk357 111.028
26. dfunktjester dFunkt jestEr 106.177
27. TheSlickTony TheSlickTony 102.602
28. MMarfil MMarfil 96.779
29. BadMoodJones Junglee91 92.881
30. BeardoN7x BeardoA7x 85.425
31. dscharles dscharles 55.100
32. BrigadiersBlue Brigadiers Blue 52.393
33. PhantomFox PhantomFox75 50.812
34. Foorbits Foorbits 47.958
35. OneBadMutha OneBadMutha 46.888
36. xJavontax xJavontax 40.169
37. Running_Riot BoutTreeFidy 35.478
38. supercommodore supercommodore 19.222

XboxEra Points Ranking

# User Gamertag Points
1. Plagueborne The Wicked Soul 809
2. Shadowgasm Shadowgasm 808
4. FairyEmpire baboy1337 748
5. brunopcosta1 brunopcosta1 730
6. Chyld989 Chyld989 459
7. MasterLeePhD Master Lee PhD 418
8. Akosii Akosii 331
9. BeardoN7x BeardoA7x 320
10. BadMoodJones Junglee91 318
11. CallMeCraig matsze 301
13. Scottish_Sin Scottish Sin 293
14. Mort Mortaigne 257
15. n0tjack n0tjack 227
16. SheepDip Ryuukishi634 186
17. low187 ShadowArceus5 161
18. MMarfil MMarfil 116
19. PhantomFox PhantomFox75 106
20. Bluehawk357 BlueHawk357 54
21. xJavontax xJavontax 17
22. dscharles dscharles 14
23. TheSlickTony TheSlickTony 8
24. dfunktjester dFunkt jestEr 4
24. supercommodore supercommodore 4
26. Sikamikanico Sikamikanico 3
27. Foorbits Foorbits 2
28. BananaBox39 MaidenLOKO 0
28. Bugalugs214 bugalugs214 0
28. DeusJabu DeusJabu 0
28. Knottian Knottian 0
28. MrZweistein MrZweistein 0
28. OneBadMutha OneBadMutha 0
28. Running_Riot BoutTreeFidy 0
28. TheSego The Sego 0
28. Xumbrega ctZz1 0
28. FunkyOne Sir Funkified 0
28. BrigadiersBlue Brigadiers Blue 0

Past Rankings

Monthly Rankings

Weekly Rankings

Past Featured Games

  • March, 2021: Undertale (won by BeardoN7x, brunopcosta1, CallMeCraig, Chyld989, CRZYSPZ, low187, MasterLeePHD, Mort, n0tjack, Plagueborne, Scottish_Sin, Shadowgasm, SheepDip)
  • February, 2021: The Falconeer (won by brunopcosta1, Chyld989, KARMAgoesHARD and Mort)
  • January, 2021: Cyber Shadow (won by n0tjack)
  • December, 2020: Call of the Sea (won by Akosii, BeardoN7x, brunopcosta1, CallMeCraig, Johnohno, KARMAgoesHARD, MMarfil, PhantomFox and Shadowgasm)
  • November, 2020: Gears Tactics (won by MasterLeePhD)

This sounds like fun. I still have a soft spot for achievements. Request sent. :grin:


And you are in! Straight into the first position aswell :smiley:

Yeah! I’m number 1! At least for a few minutes. :smile:

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Let the Hunt begin!

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Request inbound!

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I sent a request over as well!

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Sent my request

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Oh boy, sent in a request but I have a feeling I’m gonna be super behind compared to others lmao

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Request has been sent. Don’t go as hard at achievement hunting as I used to, but always up for knowing more people to help with those pesky online achievements that everybody hates.


Be sure to send a request to join the leaderboard if you are interested!

You are all in!

@KARMAgoesHARD is well above everyone else now.

Btw, don’t be discouraged if your gamescore is not as high as some on the forum. After enough people have joined the leaderboard, I am planning to do a Weekly / Monthly ranking and give points to each user based on its position during those weeks and months. This way everyone will have a chance to shine.


Ah yes, that would help…haha.

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Sadly my old GT was deleted which had over 80k :frowning:

Started over, at 3700 right now :joy:

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Just sent a request.

Also gotta add in that I dislike the Around The World achievement on Grid (2019)

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It’s about the Hunt and the cameraderie amongst fellow hunters, not the total GS! :wink:


To post a bit of a personal story… I started a new job in 2008/2009. At the time I hadn’t been deep into video games for a few years, but was anticipating Final Fantasy XIII. I was planning on picking up a PS3 when FF13 came out, just because I had a PSX and PS2 but had never owned an Xbox console. Anyway, my boss at this new job was heavily into Xbox and actually gave me a beat up old 360 to take home just so he would have someone to play Halo with. So it was totally by chance that I ended up with an Xbox 360 instead of a PS3 at that time. And once I got a taste of gamerscore, that was it… I was an Xbox fan and achievement hunter for life. :slight_smile:


You are both in!

Sometimes I wish I could start from scratch to work on my completion percentage. :stuck_out_tongue:

Be sure to send a request if you are interested in joining the leaderboard!

I always had a PlayStation since the first one. I’ve got a PS3 in 2009 and immediately fell in love in hunting trophies. I was around 15 at the time, so I had a lot of time and energy, but just a few games.

After I started trophy hunting I also got a PSVita and a PS4. I had 129 platinum trophies when my PS4 stopped working, including the platinum for Killzone 2, 3 and Shadow Fall - some of my proudest completions.

I was going to wait for the next generation before I bought a new console, but Microsoft came out with the One X, backwards compatibility and Game Pass, so I turned sides. Now I have too many games and almost no time or energy lol

On a side note, I accepted a request for a GT named Yang to join the leaderboard, but I don’t know what is his username here on XboxEra. So, if you are Yang, please let me know in this topic. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we talk about achievements from other platforms here? ei Trophies, Steam Achievements etc or just solely Gamerscore?

I guess we can. I just won’t be able to maintain a leaderboard for other platforms as I only play on my Xbox and Switch (oh Nintendo, where are your achievements?).

What is the most satisfying achievement / trophy you ever got?

Yah just to share them I mean.

On my old GT Beating Halo Reach on Legendary solo. Also there was an achievement in Reach where you got a double kill from beyond the grave called “Totally Worth It”

Next proudest achievement will probably be beating fkling Xcom 2 and WoTC on Steam.

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