Where do you live? Share some pictures of your city!

Seeing how our personal achievements leaderboard has people from so many different countries (more than 10!), it made me wonder how is it like in the city you all live in!

In my case, I live in a city called Santos, in the coast of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The city has a population of around 450,000 people, and is most famous for its football club, Santos FC – homeclub of players like Pelé, Robinho, Neymar and now Rodrigo.

Here are some pictures:

Aerial view of the beach:

View of the city from the beach:

Traditional shopping neighborhood at night:

Vila Belmiro, home of Santos FC, during matchday:


I live in Toronto Canada, but I can’t go downtown right now due to the pandemic, and I didn’t just wanna share pictures someone else took. As such, and given this is an Xbox forum, I decided to take the plane around. Almost landed it too (well… technically I landed it on top of a high rise :wink: ) I still need to learn how to use photo mode, and my PC can only do Medium settings without a framerate below 30.

So this right here is the Exhibiton grounds and Ontario Place, home to one of our biggest yearly events, the Canadian National Exhibition. The Stadium in the back there is BMO Field, where our Soccer/Traditional Football team The Toronto FC, and our Canadian Football team The Toronto Argonauts play.

This is a view of the downtown core, complete with CN Tower and SkyDome/Roger’s Center (partially blocked). Our Baseball team The Toronto Blue Jays plays there

This is the harbourfront, complete with the Scotiabank Arena, but due to the age of the map used, it still appears as the Air Canada Centre, its former name. It is where our hockey team The Toronto Maple Leafs (not Leaves, never truly got that), and our basketball team The Toronto Raptors play.

I had captured two others, but they have yet to process. If they do, I’ll share here. They are of the University of Toronto Campus (where I study) and Liberty Village (where I worked for the Rugby team The Wolfpack before Covid hit and cancelled the season).


Good old London


You big city folk! I wonder if you’d trade it for a quiet rural life? (In truth St Neots is the biggest town in Cambridgeshire, but you’d still fit the population inside The Emirates stadium). 100_0709 st-neots-river



I live in CDMX (Mexico City), exactly near Ciudad universitaria of UNAM

images - 2020-11-08T174741.222 The last 2 pictures are from my university


Lol! City.

I live in New Brunswick which is a Canadian province the size of Ireland with 15% of the population. So there isn’t much going on here from a city perspective. So I’ll do some landscapes to be different! The small town I live in is called St Stephen were a border town with Calais, Maine separated by a river. Economically and socially one town.

image image


I’m originally from a place called Sabeto in Fiji. My family is still here and I go nearly every weekend

this is my primary school

some pictures from home https://www.instagram.com/p/82ff6Qx42ooLKLG9EBOc7vQAXp4RZwgwU_ghM0/ https://www.instagram.com/p/82fyLHR42-WIobo_Z6BZAvDNTPPhTvTGUkmUw0/ https://www.instagram.com/p/_Tv19Px42cfq0MgKG7Eyuiy1H2XNlAkI5biIg0/

For the past 4 years though, I’ve been living alone in the capital of the country, Suva



We’re known as a country for the highest number of rugby players per capita as well as the highest Olympic medals per capita - Our population is 800K so that’s easy :stuck_out_tongue:

And of course, we’re known for this: image


One of my best mates at University was from St Neots.

I had several nights out on the beer there.

It’s small enough that I potentially know them, or a cousin at least… the sort of town where everyone born there usually has a cousin within five miles.

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His Surname was Coverdale.

Disappointingly that doesn’t ring a bell, oh well.

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It was in the mid 90s so that may be why.

Ha, yes. I didn’t move there until 2000, so not much chance of knowing that person

You all live in some beautiful places! I used to live in Seattle, WA. No pics atm but it’s a gorgeous place, especially during the Spring/Summer/Fall. Very similar to where I’m at now, which has made the big move easier.

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Live view from my balcony but soon I will move into a bigger city. And the big building on the right is my “Grundschule”


Where are you thinking of moving?

Münster If you know the place

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I do, it’s lovely.

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Just have to find a flat sharing community :sweat_smile:

Have a appointment tomorrow