The Big ol' Xbox 3rd Party Releases Discussion Thread (HiFi, SoT, Pentiment, Grounded) (Part 1)

Xbox going third party talk back again y’all


I don’t think we’ll have much patience with more vague rumor talk again. If something actually happens then fine, but more vague teasing from insiders? Not interested


It’s coming from Nate but yeah, I’m just tired with all this 3rd party discourse, I don’t really believe it, but who knows I guess.


ya its getting old but again when you put your games on other platforms this is the talk that is gonna happen


Yeah, let’s just wait and see. I believe there is actually people within Xbox pushing for this, mainly the “finance” folks, but Phil calls the shots so I guess we will wait “if” it does happen.

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Is this rumor comming from natethehate? if so how reliable is he?

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I think at this point we should accept Xbox is open to the idea of putting their first-party games on other systems on a case by case basis.

How many first-party Xbox games on other systems is “acceptable” for you as an Xbox fan? That´s up to you. In the moment I am writing this I am personally not worried about this.


The thing that I don’t get though is that if Xbox didn’t go 3rd party in the difficult (from a resources/budget perspective) Xbox One generation why would they do that now that finally the results of their various acquisitions will come to fruition with a very very strong 1st party line-up coming up plus having fuckin’ CoD potentially a day one Game Pass release? if anything right now MS is in their best position ever to make a big splash in the gaming industry and gain marketshare.

Going 3rd party now simply doesn’t make any sense.


none are acceptable to me. I feel like making the quake remasters multiplat was a miss. I look at 2 games on ps ico and shadow of the collosus. These games will never come to xbox but most people arnt buying them so you can make the argument that they should. However it still makes the ps library and platform more appealing. Thats what xbox misses out on when they do stuff like this. I think the fallout 3 rumored remaster and oblivian remaster should not be multiplat for this reason but i think they will be


There’s only one recently acclaimed Xbox game I can think of, and I refuse to believe they’d do something that boneheaded.


Honestly, if it’s a game published by XGP like Ori, or even Contraband that’s fine, but first party games made by a studio owned by MS, unless it’s multiplayer already and has a established player base, putting a single player game on competing platforms will just lead to more questions about Xbox’s commitment to its longtime fanbase.


You may agree with this or not but I think we also have to consider the position Xbox is in in comparison with Nintendo and Sony: despite all the investments I hope bear fruits soon enough they still are the underdog, at least on the console side.

So, putting certain games on other consoles can be a good strategy to bring players to your ecosystem. A crystal-clear example: What if someone loved the Quake remasters that person played on Playstation and sees Quake V releases exclusively for Xbox? Damn, that person may be tempted to pick up a Xbox console.

As I say, case by case basis.

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For Legacy titles, I agree, for new ones though…. not a good idea

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The only thing I care about are games being on Game Pass.


I don’t think that strategy necessarily works just look at Epic and Steam, Epic has games exclusive for a set number of years and people just wait for them to come to Steam because they know they aren’t permanently exclusive to the Epic Store I’m not saying Xbox would do this but that is what people would start thinking and it would further harm their ecosystem

In the example I mentioned, Quake V will never release on other consoles. Do folks want to wait forever? Okay, theres nothing to lose for Xbox, only gain.

Unless it’s Ori coming to PS since it’s already on Switch then I don’t think it’s a big deal

If not, then they only have themselves to blame for this discourse

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my heart lunanto. your breaking it lol

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I think with this, Xbox is in a strong position to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to exclusives versus multiplats. They have a LOT of studios under them working on a huge amount of content - they are in a position where they can deliver a strong line up of exclusive first party content and still also look for opportunities where they could benefit more from releasing content on other platforms.

Like the example you give, or like the boatloads of money they are gonna be making releasing and supporting Call of Duty and Minecraft on other platforms while each and every copy boots up with the shiny Xbox logo - or like how they used PS+ to boost the audience for Fallout 76.

Regardless of anyones personal opinions on Xbox releasing exclusives versus multiplats - whatever they do here it’s gonna be to Xbox’s benefit and it’s gonna be the playerbase that wins as a result.


I agree something like Quake remaster probably doesn’t matter but I meant bigger titles but it’s a rumour for now so we’ll see what happens

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