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Here’s a strange one - why isn’t Neon White yet out on Game Pass? It was announced as “coming soon” in the Extended Summer Showcase, and yet… it isn’t here. It’s not even out on Xbox at all yet, as far as I know.


Premiers at 12pm EST on January 11th


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Jez on X: “Good bet.” / X (


Idk, i think these products are just wasteful plastic garbage. Microsoft is on a very public road to sustainability, there is no place for this marketing trash imo.

yeah i know, no fun allowed.

Have been playing master detective raincode today on my switch, i am praying that it comes out on xbox this year so i can further enjoy it on a much higher picture quality.

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If any of you liked vampire survivors like I did there is a game called army of ruin which is pretty much the same thing but 3d graphics. iv been playing it for 2 hrs now and loving it. it starts slower but two levels in you unlock the ability to speed up the game and its good from there


It’s GTA we talking about. Not to mention the game is console exclusive for launch, hence many PC folks would be looking to buy a console just for this.

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What’s this?

Just a simple joke i found on Twitter. Someone was making a gentle pun about ‘next years milk’ because it was milk with a 2024 expiration date. Someone else then joked by comparing it to the epidemic of game leakers. Nothing more to it.

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Gotta say…i never really realized this, lmao. Never thought of it.


Hadn’t seen this story until just now while listening to a podcast.

To me, this is all about Sony making so many minor revisions to a console where not every change was worth enough of a saving. It’s about the Return on Investment.

This is very much in line with the discussion @Knottian and Albert Penello had previously, about what sort of changes make sense to roll out and how difficult it is to recoup costs.


I would have never thought of this in a million years. :smile:


I know, right? It’s honestly freaking cool! I do remember seeing the Lakitu but never went past that with my thoughts, lmfao. Good one Miyamoto, wow.


Yeah, I always thought it was just a goofy Miyamoto/Nintendo thing that was used to explain the switching of viewpoints.


I’ll always be a Nintendo lad, and a large part of it is because of Miyamoto.

Side note: I was one of those “weird” kids who used all his allowance money to buy Sega and Nintendo consoles. I think I still have every Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and Xbox console ever made - minus the PS5, and my original NES. Yes, I even have two Vitas (absolutely loved the OLED models - perfection, barring the memory card).


I was the same. I couldn’t afford the Sega 32x and CD at the time, but I did save up for the Saturn. I think the only console I didn’t buy post Atari 2600 was the Atari Jaguar. That thing had death written all over it. I was fortunate enough to be gifted a TurboGraphix-16 though, which still remains one of my favorites.

I think this is why I don’t get so bent out of shape about Console war stuff. To me, everything is going to be fine, so I refuse to worry about it.

Edit: I obviously couldn’t afford the Philips CDi , NeoGeo and the 3DO at the time either. It was probably for the best though. :smile:


Boy, am I glad the thread was separated. Almost hit 99+ notifications alone.