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That is crazy to hear, but speaking for myself I liked how it was revealed and would like to see more games take that approach, by just sending it out when it is done.


I like the notion of “low 90s”.

I know we’re all enthusiasts, but life is better when you kick back, enjoy games, and worry less about the business.


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A post was merged into an existing topic: That rumor and speculation about some Xbox game being published elsewhere

it’s insane that mock reviews are still a thing lmao I remember a big games crit back in the mid-00s ditched games crit becasue of this. insane industry

If the media crushes more Xbox games, its time for Microsoft to make it overall painful for those media companies. Hold them and their parent company responsible and never give them access to any of Microsofts material.

Dont give review copies. Dont give Microsoft review products of any kind. Dont respond to their inquiries. Hammer them for any disinformation. Take legal action against them where possible.

Make it bad business to use Xbox for clickbait.


They aren’t vindictive like this and they shouldn’t be. It’s bad business. Withholding review copies didn’t go well for Bethesda when they did it.


I don’t necessarily agree, with this. It really has no affect on their business. They still would have been in some trouble if they didn’t blacklist outlets.

Note: I don’t agree with MS adopting this practice.

I’m pretty sure the withholding of review copies at least contributed to the Prey review debacle. But since they stopped doing it, I imagine it caused more problems than it was worth. For all we know, it contributed to lower sales of amazing games like Dishonored 2 and Wolf 2.

If reviews aren’t out day and date for a game’s release it has a negative impact on marketing for the publisher and visibility for the site. It hampers the relationship between dedicated news outlets. This is the same for film. Rushed reviews lead to bad reviews, and if there are only bad reviews born out of rushed playthroughs, it affects consumers willing to purchase the product. Arkane and Machinegames is notorious for having reviews screw them over.

because they gave the game a bad review

It didn’t contribute to the Prey review because the infamous review was from an outlet that wasn’t blacklisted (IGN). It was just some unfortunate circumstances (Arkane was actually in touch with the reviewer throughout his review and trying to fix the bug).

They withheld pre-launch review copies from all outlets, not just blacklisted ones.

Huh? Source? I’m sure it wasnt every outlet, IIRC.

when you’re spending 100’s of million of dollars hell yeah you would want to see how it’s reviewing to see if the investment is worth it and with games should additional money be necessary if they want to make dlc or not because they get one chance with this


Not a fan of this his, but Microsoft can limit preview specials from outlets

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Nah, I get it, it’s just hilariously dystopian that’s how much marketing engines have developed.


It was 24 hours before launch but even still. The effect was the same.

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