Microsoft-Activision-Blizzard Discussion Thread |OT4| - Dawn of the Final Day, Deal is done!

Continuing the discussion from Microsoft-Activision-Blizzard Discussion Thread |OT3| - Sony bends the knee! - #10142 by Shadowgasm.

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FTC cancelling their August trial is a good sign to MS, and also a strong sign to CMA being on their own.

The August trial was planned for six months, they will not plan a new one in two days and the further they go in time, the harder it will be to dismantle the acquisition.


@Hue I named it for you :grin:

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Oooh, shiny.

The final leg of the journey begins.

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Fingers crossed this is the last thread we’ll need. Please. We can’t take it any more!


Again I need to apologize to the entire forum, a couple weeks ago I was hoping this would hit OT4 and it looked like it wouldn’t happen but my wish became true.

But at a cost. My dignity and another couple months of waiting for Diablo 4 to hit Game Pass.


Wahoo thank you :grin:!!

MS Lawyers like:


nah, OT4 is paying off with 0.99$ per share

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Hopefully this is the final (countdown) thread.


Pretty sure we’ll have positive news before the end of August. The end is nigh!

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FTC don’t want another L. They already took 4-5 L’s in a row already. After congress call out their BS and cut their budget by 25%. FTC is already dead.

The only L to take now is paying full price for xbox games on day one because with gamepass they get into the program with as little as 10.99 and get all Xbox first party and multiple 3rd party titles day one.

To each their own on that. I feel like if people want to buy games day one? They still can. You have to stay sub to Gamepass if you play many games, but if you just play 1-3 big first party games a year? You can sub to Gamepass for like 1 month and beat that one must play game.

Okay almost done with this now

OT4 has positive vibes only :heart:

Negative peeps can move out the door :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was trying to make a joke like Destin keeps making on twitter but I get your point and agree

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So this is the second day the CMA gives interview about the case. They keep looking tough.

They dont want to be seen as giving MS special treatment considering this is pretty much the first time they “negotiate” after blocking a deal. They want the world to look them as is if this just “normal” procedure hence the -we are waiting for MS proposals to start the talks about possible solutions- aura.