Microsoft-Activision-Blizzard Discussion Thread |OT3| - Sony bends the knee!

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Second :2nd_place_medal: baby


After what happened today, I do not want to make any prediction lol. If the EC (and SAMR, to a lesser extent) approve this merger, then and only then will I say that there is a slight hope for the merger to go through ultimately.


suggestion for a title “The Neverending will never ends”

The fact that Boosteroid, one the cloud partners Microsoft signed, have publicly stated their opposition to the deal"s block, it certainly doesn’t read as a good way of protecting the consumer.


Yeah, I was thinking just that before. This should be beyond embarrasing for the CMA.


Microsoft has to appeal. If they lose the appeal the dream of them acquiring essentially any publisher dies as well cause the concern is still there. This ruling could essentially prevent anything but studio purchases from happening for Microsoft ever. Which, because Sony isn’t a “cloud gaming company” lets them do it at will.



nah i think the size will be a problem, so forget T2 or EA

Because it isn’t, blocking this deal literally gives consumers far less choice

Instead of having all of these companies with guaranteed deals for 10 years getting access to ABK games, now none of them will get any access at all


I just hope that if MS appeals Xbox doesn´t end up in limbo without making any other move.

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Is it possible for MS to sign more deals just as a ‘Look how bad faith the CMA argument is’

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I think any publisher could trigger it honestly cause the cloud concerns will always be there. Basically to the CMA because Microsoft is so large any acquisition that makes their cloud better is creating a Monopoly laws. So any publisher I believe is big enough for this. Its a bad spot. Even though Microsoft was guarenteeing other cloud companies would get these titles…instead only Microsoft would get these titles if they want cause they would be the only one who could afford the licensing fees. Its just baffling.


If this deal gets quashed, forget any other acquisitions. The CMA will cite Microsofts monopoly in game streaming as more than enough reason to block a deal.

Microsoft have to win this…not just for gaming.


limbo? man this deal are messing with people’s heads

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What makes me confused shouldn’t any Sony acquisition get blocked too since they have like 70% of high end performance console market.


Guys, I don’t think Boosteroid got the memo that the CMA is ‘protecting choice in cloud gaming’


CMA is one organization that actually believes 2 plus 2 equal potato.


One thing i’m curious of people’s opinions on is some fans seem to think the Activision deal going on for as long as it has is to blame for Xbox’s shortcomings since the intention to buy was announced but i’m curious what aspects do people think this deal has held back? If Microsoft weren’t looking to buy Activision i’m not sure it’d have meant us seeing more first party games released, we’ve still seen a steady flow of Gamepass titles. One area i wonder that could have been impacted i wonder is the whole stream games you own on Xcloud thing that was mentioned (i know these things take time to come to fruition). I know people will point to other buyouts but i guess we don’t know how much interest Microsoft would have had in say Eidos (there must be a reason they went for a relatively low price…) and the likes of Asobo may still not want to have been purchased.