Microsoft-Activision-Blizzard Discussion Thread |OT3| - Sony bends the knee!

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Fully expecting the FTC to file the suit again in 2 days.


That’s certain

And here I thought it had been “game over” for them since earlier this week. Yeah, I really don’t understand at all how any of this works. This is good though.

Indeed, Tencent and Embracer Group were words that didn’t grace the lips of all of these folks complaining now.

They’re like, “I just hate consolidation in the industry” and it’s like no, they didn’t seem to mind it as it was happening over the last few years with these other guys.

So for 50 years it wasn’t a problem. But it is now.


Toilet for me😆

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it seemed more like he wanted to slide into Phil dms

I personally cant see the FTC withdrawing after the Biden admin came out with a boost of support. I expect them to once again stupidly pursue this.


well it would be just another L like they have been doing things

Yeah, more annoying stupid waste and distraction and potential delay.

By the time that potential delay happens, the merger would likely be closed by then.

Tencent acquired Supercell in 2016 for $8.6 billion, the consolidation began a long time ago. They literally paid more than MS paid for Bethesda and no one gave a damn because it didn’t affect PS. Tencent has spent nearly $25 billion on acquisitions despite being a much smaller company than MS.

Imagine if they were the same size as MS. The good thing that Tencent does is they do everything quietly, they let existing studios buy stuff on their own, to reduce the number of eyes on them. Maybe there are things to be learnt from them.

Recently Zenimax online acquired than Hungarian studio and it caused way less noise than if MS has announced it, maybe this is way to do it for support studios.


Activision to buy SEGA :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Imagine next year announcing that MS is acquiring Ubisoft. All of assassin’s Creed exclusively on Xbox would be amazing and the amount of support studios that would bring to help push content out would be amazing. That plus au is off has some nice PC franchises as well that could help Microsoft with PC Gamepass.

Unless MS is able to get a major Japanese company, I don’t see Ubisoft as being a bad choice and they are much cheaper than Activision and making their games exclusive would definitely help with making people switch over to Xbox as no matter what people say Ubisoft games do sell really well!

There is no mechanism for the FTC to delay this deal now . Not in the timeframe it will close.

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Asked Florian about this and here’s his answer:

This thread has been a roller coaster. Lets hope the next one really is the end game.

“That says according to the $2.70 difference the market is thinking there’s a 20% chance of the CMA blocking but I dont know how that math works.”

Financial Analysts are clowns. Finding hypothetic justifications to random fluctuations of market reactions is a dream job.

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