Microsoft-Activision-Blizzard Discussion Thread |OT4| - Dawn of the Final Day, Deal is done!

@EPC you are right about the share/price talks. They guy I quoted to Florian is salty about not getting $105 but was just curious if someone else could check his math.

Good ol’ DriftingSpirit is back from the shadow realm after hiding due to all the positive news, to post that the CMA is likely still after major ABK divestment and how, somehow, it’s up to Microsoft to meet them in the middle regarding divestment.

You can’t make this stuff up.


If the price was going to go up to 105 I think they would have just closed over the CMA and worked through the issues. Thats a massive increase in price.

1590/4/12/23 Microsoft Corporation v Competition and Markets Authority | Competition Appeal Tribunal Adjournment is official.





Well, confidential so we won’t hear much details about

We will see the effects after the closure of the deal.

There we go, only a matter of time now.


I’ve always wondered, is this a real image or is it edited with the translator thing?

Me too. I know there were bad sub back then, especially when I experienced some myself, but I wonder if this is true. I found out “Not this shit again” one was fake.

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Not related to the case but I found this article interesting:

The under-fire competition watchdog is suffering a growing exodus of staff with one in six employees leaving in the last year as the regulator fails to meet hiring targets.

IT admitted that it had missed hiring expectations because of “difficulties in recruiting for vacancies created by hard-to-fill specialist roles”. The CMA added it had “experienced issues with staff retention and recruitment processes” that meant vacancies were unfilled for longer.

The CMA’s former chief executive Andrea Coscelli stepped down last year and joined Keystone Strategy, which advised Microsoft on its takeover of Activision Blizzard.

CMA data chief Stefan Hunt joined him in leaving for Keystone while senior director of strategy Stuart Hudson left for PR firm Brunswick, which also advised the tech giant.

The CMA is under growing pressure over its decision to block Microsoft’s takeover after a US court overruled American regulators’ attempts to stop the deal from being completed.

The UK regulator blocked the acquisition in April but the EU clearing it and court defeats for the Federal Trade Commission has left it as the last authority standing in its way.

Microsoft must have poisoned them.

So from the UK side now we won’t hear anything until they make a new decision ? An that could be anytime, a week, three weeks etc but the deadline is august 29th.

If so hold on to your butts.

Based on what we’ve seen that they are expecting third party responses after August 7th I think you can say there will be nothing to hear on this till end of august when they release their final order.

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Oh Him. OK i seen some of his stuff before.

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That stibbs poster on other era is a tedious troll.

Please make this a famous meme. I want to see it on Oprah!