XboxERA's 2022 Backlog Challenge |OT| New Challenger Approaching!

XBOXERA 2022 Backlog Challenge

Welcome back.

New year? New challenge!

Welcome to the XboxERA 2022 Backlog Challenge!

Is your hard-drive filled with countless number of unplayed games purchased on a whim? Are you shelves sagging with the unplayed games? Does your digital library count look like a phone number? YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!

The Challenge:

  • Shrink your backlog.

  • Dethrone the champ.

XboxEra’s Reigning Backlog Champion:


The Rules:

  1. Each successfully completed gaming your backlog earns your one point (+1).

  2. Each newly purchased game loses you one point (-1) .

  3. XboxERA poster with the highest score on December 12th, 2022 is the XboxERA 2022 Gaming Backlog Champion. Prize:

  • (X) number of months of GamePass Ultimate.
  • A fancy new Tag/Title of XboxERA 2022 Backlog Champion
  • The ability to wipe the smirk of @ProgStopper 's face.
  1. GamePass games are worth ZERO points UNLESS:
  • The game was already apart of a backlog (physical/digital)
  • You purchase a copy of the game at which point it becomes a (-1) until beaten
  1. Games gifted by family/friends/strangers count as ZERO points. It was a gift and not an active decision by you the challenger.

  2. Multiple games can be played at once. Getting bogged down with that Ubisoft collect-a-thon? Beat a few Telltale titles at the same time to boost your score. Doesn’t matter how many games you play, if you beat it, you get a point.

  3. DLC. Lengthy DLC will be awarded .5 for each piece of DLC completed by user. Multiple DLC are allowed to be completed on the same title. Completed DLC title will be submitted to fellow players for judgement if DLC matches criteria for being allowed as all DLC is not created equal. There’s a difference between a 30 min DLC and something like a Fallout 4 DLC.

  4. DLC + Base game completion could theoretically surpass the base +1 earned by completing a game.

  5. Any DLC for game counts as a -.5 per DLC. DLC giveth and DLC taketh.

  6. Purchases of “GOLD” or “GOTY” edition games that come bundled with DLC only count as a -1.

  7. Expansion passes that are purchased separately from GOTY/GOLD bundles counts a -.5 PER DLC.

  8. Trade Ins: Effectively negate a score. Purchasing a game, completing it in, then trading it will remove the game completely from your record making it worth ZERO.

  9. CHEAT WEEK(S): Starting December 13th, 2021 through December 31st, 2021, any purchases made will not count against any 2022 purchase. Additionally, any games completed during this period WILL NOT count towards your 2022 backlogs.

To The Future:

However any lengthy games that are started during the free-period that are carried over into 2022 and ARE COMPLETED in 2022 WILL COUNT for a completion in 2022. Still working on Forza? Tales of Arise going on too long? Still working on Skyrim? Work on it now, complete it in 2022 and get some points on the board!

How To Play:

  • Sign up below! Game starts January 1st, 2021.
  • When a game is beaten, you state the name of the game, what system, and add yourself +1. Once a day or two, the total scores will be updated on the thread for al lto see.
  • Honesty is the best policy. This is supposed to be a fun challenge/contest, so don’t try cheating.
  • Games DO NOT HAVE TO BE 100%d. If you see the credits and the story is over, the game is beaten. If the game is story complete and credits roll, and you’re only at like 50% completion, it counts as a +1.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a 100+ RPG like Dragon Quest, a 5 hour indie darling, or something in between. If it’s in your backlog, you beat it, it counts.


Sign up below in a reply. Sign-ups close let’s say second week on January. Contest starts tomorrow. So theoretically, someone could sign up today, beat a bunch of TellTale games and take an early lead. So get to work!

How Can I Track My Backlog?

Free to use, free to sign up! Build your collection, track it, complete it!

XboxERA 2022 Backlog Challengers:











Alright, let’s do this again. Don’t think I’ll make too much progress but… it should be quite fun with new challengers.


Signing up.

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Whoa, whoa whoa.

That’s not how this works bud.

Just sign up for now, and then you start at zero,

Okay. Edited my post.

Sign me up!

just signed up. This is my profile: 91Chops's Grouvee Profile

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Bring it on.

edit - not a fan of that penalty for trading in a game. Any wiggle room on that?

Seeing your edit, I just looked at that and yeah, completing a game and trading it in shouldn’t remove it from the list or be worth zero points simply because the game was completed. Keeping it wouldn’t change that.

Yeah, a completed game is a completed game. What you do with the disc afterwards like trade it in, or throw it at the neighbors kids shouldn’t matter?

I’ve never traded games though so I’m not sure if I’m missing something though.

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I think it stems from how to deal with Trade-Ins if they’re used like Returns. Except trade-ins can be many gameplay hours later and long outside the return window.

But I don’t see rules for returns stated explicitly. Maybe when those are stated it would remove the negative effect of trade-ins?

A trade in isn’t the same as a return because you’re not getting back the full amount spent on the game so you’re still losing something, just not as much as if it was a digital game.

Ah, like you would avoid the -1 for purchasing a game because you get is as a trade-in? Nah.

Honestly, how people buy their games, or what they do with them after completion should have no effect on the comeptition.

  • You buy a game (whatever you pay with be that money, trade-in, or sexual favours) that is a -1.

  • You complete a game (whatever you do with the game afterwards, sell it or throw it at elderly, doesn’t matter) is a +1.

Yeah, with the current trade-in rule, I might be out of this challenge. A fairly big incentive for me to finish games I already own is to then sell/trade them and use those resources to buy new games, and thus keep the cycle going.

Hopefully @ProgStopper can reconsider…but we know we’re not dealing with the most “rational” person there…

I’d like to throw my hat in the ring here.

I have a few questions. Sorry if these have already been answered earlier.

  • Is there a “formal” signup, or am I now in?
  • Is the contest for Xbox games only or do we count PS, Switch, etc?
  • Do we only count games as completed if we start them after the contest begins? I have some games I started months (or years) ago, but have only completed 10-20%…
  • How do we handle games that we buy as bundles? For example, I recently bought the Ezzio Collection. Do I get a +1 for each game completed or do I have to complete all three to get a +1?
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Any chance there’s wiggle room on the stupid “you can’t sell/trade the games you finish” rule?

Yes! Welcome. :slight_smile:

I can answer some of it:

When your name appears in the OP you are in (i.e when @ProgStopper can be arsed)

It’s for all games in our backlog, no matter the platform.

They count! Maybe if you are on the last boss it’s not something that really counts. It’s honor based after all.

Since we are counting DLC this time around I’m not sure. At minimum +1 for each game though, total of +3.




I mean, if it’s a huge deal, I’m happy to have a healthy debate about it, out in the open.

Make your case!

This will be great with all the new people! I hope even more join up. :slight_smile: