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Welcome to the XboxEra Podcast OT. Since summer 2019 @Figments, @Shpeshal_Nick and @Sikamikanico host the XboxEra Podcast. This is a bi-weekly podcast where they discuss everything Xbox and gaming. Oh, and once in a while they have some special guests who we could call our XboxEra Industry Friends…

The podcast is available on YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music and all your favorite podcast suppliers.

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Best Xbox podcast.


That’s the goal

Hey eh, when are you guys planning on doing a new podcast? Or is this a summer break? :wink: :doubt:

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We should be getting together this weekend. Will have a new episode up by Sunday!


Looking forward to the next episode


We’ll be recording an Episode this weekend, so please get in your #CommunityQuestions for us to go through

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Would you guys ever consider community guests? Love the show and think it would be cool to be involved.

Question from me is related to Compulsion Games, they’re probably the studio we’ve heard the least about since the acquisition. They obviously only recently put out We Happy Few but do we have any ideas what they may be working on next and when we are likely to hear about it?


This is Related to Tiktok with relation to Xbox Getting Tiktok is literally free marketing for Xbox has they don’t have to pay anything the caveat is will the deal go through and if the deal doesn’t happens Microsoft may have no choice but to ramp up the content and buyout highly sought intellectual properties like WB studios because they have no self owned social platforms in order to mitigate the lack of consumer awareness in relation to Xbox they may buy IPs which have a world wide appeal Xbox being their only consumer brand and in the light of Sony money hatting many well known video games as time exclusive it’s only make sense to take this step your opinion

Do you believe that MS sees the same or proportionate amount of success signing timed exclusive deals that Sony does? I feel like they are mostly ineffective, with the sole exception being the first Titanfall. With Final Fantasy 16’s exclusive announcement coming soon, I feel like I can’t remember the last time that MS had:

  1. A megaton exclusive deal for a third-party game(since RotTR).
  2. An exclusive deal has moved units the way it should.

I feel like exclusive deals for MS are only worth it if they can get a day 1 GP deal with it, which would be even more costly.

I would love jump in and talk about indie games!

What will 2021 look like for Xbox exclusive games do you think? Will any of the games allready shown be released, does XGS Publishing have something to surprise us with or something else?


I’d love to join to talk just Xbox in general and love the banter between the guys.

I used to run my own podcast a long long time ago on a website called or something like, I was just a kid at the time, but I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, real life got in the way so I was never able to take it any further, Would love to be part/create a podcast again, even if no one was to listen!

First of all, congratulations on the opening of the forums and the continued growth of the website and podcast. I enjoy listening to you ans and hope you continue the good work.

My question is in regards to Halo Infinite. In the marketing promo on the Smyth Toys web page for Halo Infinite, before it got taken down, it states Halo Infinite will have a groundbreaking multiplayer experience. Do you reckon this is usual marketing jargon, or that 343i believes they have crafted a mode/multiplayer experience that they believe is something groundbreaking or a new spin on an existing premise?


what do you think Xbox held back in terms of games, studio acquisitions, and 3rd party marketing. The global publishing team was almost non existent. Where were those surprises?

another question is do you guys think Xbox will get the marketing rights for for COD again? It helped them a lot during the 360 era. It helped them gain mindeshare and bring many people to their ecosystem or will they let Sony have it for next gen. I know Phil doesn’t like this type of stuff but this is a business and a proven strategy that works.

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I said this on the YouTube comment section for the latest episode, but I reckon that they are already making more revenue from GP subs than they are getting from Gold subs.

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Where do we submit questions? Right here? And if so, is it too early for the next episode since you guys just posted one?

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Thank you @Sikamikanico for the very kind shout out, and thank you @Shpeshal_Nick for reading my very important question.