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Wasteland 3 was massively improved by their investment into the game created by their first party studio. It released into game pass like all other 1st party games, they had a very good 2020 and have had a very nothing 2021 so far. To compensate for that they’ve put tons of money into game pass and had an insanely good game pass year in 2021.


i know Wasteland 3 is quality game lol and damn it has one of best soundtracks, i’m just talking about MS published games and output and that it, i believe it was published by deep sliver right ? all of this will change this fall

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I love psychonauts tim burton claymation look. Such a great art style. Feels almost nostalgic.


That sums it up nicely, haha.

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I guess there game delays incoming? Wonder what tom warren and the crew are talking about?

They’ve been all about the Epic vs Apple lawsuit this week. Tomorrow one witness is from Microsoft. Here’s the topic on it:

Oh is that it? Man this is why I hate hints without context a lot of people were expecting real news not a court case(even though the emails did reveal some juicy details)

I went scrolling through his tweets but they were all about the trial except for 1 political related one. If there’s more out there then I missed any newer teases.

On one hand, you are too dismissive of the 2020 XGS line-up: there was only one real dud (Bleeding Edge), while the others spanned from an honest 7/10 to excellence (Ori and Flight Sim). Also I don’t understand why Gears Tactics (a solid 8/10) is never considered “big”, when it offers a 30h campaign (and no multi) with graphics and cinematics among the highest level in industry. And why Tell Me Why is not “quality”? It is another solid 8/10 and it also won several awards, including one at TGA, so…it isn’t for me (I couldn’t finish it), but we should be objective.

On the other hand, the first half of 2021 is completely barren because of covid and I hope they rescheduled their timeline in order to have a stacked second half, because a situation like this is no good, Sony will objectivly had one AAA (Ratchet, even if it’s not a massive scale one), one AA (Returnal) and one dud (Destruction lmao) in the same timespan. 3 > 0, it’s undenyable, let’s see from july what happens.

MS will need very big GP deals to counteract the guaranteed criticism if there will be “only” Halo Infinite (a delayed 2020 game), Psychonauts 2 (a multiplatform game announced a lifetime ago at TGA 2015), Grounded (the final release of an already availabe early access game) and Flight Simulator (the console port of a 2020 pc game) from first party. If they’ll add FH5 and Starfield (I don’t count CrossFireX, technically a XGS published game expected this year) to the fray, well, we’re good. XD


I’ve been saying it for weeks but got mocked. Covid is hitting everything like a tonne of bricks

Also TC will still be on Gears for many more years yet. Gears 6 is the next game, after that who knows

Honestly, while I sympathize to an extent with the issue of not enough 1st party content dropping (or not enough “bangers” dropping), I ultimately think people just don’t understand the scale at which these games are, and how long game development takes.

Keep in mind that it really hasn’t been that long since Microsoft started building it’s first party. the first round of acquisitions was just 3 years ago, and tbh I think the framing of this whole discussion is in the context of “I bought a Series S|Series X and I’m underwhelmed” or “Microsoft isn’t giving me reason to buy a Series S|Series X” and for the former, I think it’s fair and okay to be disappointed/underwhelmed, but you wouldn’t have bought the console if you didn’t either find gamepass appealing or find the prospects of the future for XGS really promising. As for the latter then just don’t buy the console until feelings on the matter change?

I think people keep comparing to Sony, when at this point Sony is a well oiled machine that has been running for a decade+ at this point. Speaking for myself personally, as someone who jumped ship from PS4 to Xbox this gen, and is constantly debating if if I want to buy a PS5 or not, I look at things like the Bloomberg article and just go “sure Sony has a lot of 1st party down the pipe, but 80-85% of those just don’t interest me.” I find myself more frustrated/excited for the games Sony has locked timed exclusivity on (FF16 being the biggest) than I am finding myself really excited to play say, Horizon or GoW, I simply just don’t care. I decided to buy an Xbox first this gen, because I felt that Sony’s 1st party was stagnating in that they found their successful thing and are just glued to it now, and that Bloomberg article really solidified that feeling for me.

I love the Souls games, and I’m a massive Ratchet and Clank/Housrmarque fan but a remake of a game I played just 2 years ago, Returnal and Ratchet and Clank, make the notion of me getting a PS5 a very unappealing one atm, despite how good all 3 of those look. While it may seem underwhelming, personally I look at what’s probably down the pipe for the next 18-24 months and I see

Psychonauts 2, Halo Infinite, Hellblade 2, Starfield, Deathloop (surely coming to GP as soon as the timed exclusivity period ends), Ghostwire Tokyo (same as Deathloop),

and I’m personally very satisfied with that, and if we get even more, then that’s even better, and that’s on top of shit like Tales of Arise supposedly launching into gamepass and probably more 3rd parties launching into gamepass.

I’m not saying XGS is perfect, but honestly I just don’t think that’s a bad lineup whatsoever. My only concern is that, that lineup actually is it, and none of this stuff gets delayed (I’m namely concerned for Hellblade)


Having Fallout and TES MMO games to get revenue periodically was one of the few good decisions Bethesda executives made, to be honest. I don’t think Arkane would exist today without ESO’s revenue.

Yeah, maybe if they had launched F76 in 2019, now it would have a totally different reputation and it would be even better. Many people are still conflicted about playing it because of the bad reputation since 2018, even if now it’s a totally changed game. They screwed up big time with it, a literal nuclear disaster. XD


This got me hyped. I cant stand MMOs

Quake reboot

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I don’t think you have been mocked for stating the obvious, of course COVID-19 has impacted teams across the world, XGS and third party. I think it’s more that you have expected far greater delays in terms of length than are probable. Outside of Japan, studios continued working from home, this doesn’t mean that doesn’t equal no delay, it still takes time for that remote infrastructure to be set up after all, this would add most likely 6 - 12 months at most delay. You definitely have been mocked for insisting Indiana Jones being a 2028 game, Machine Games is a good team that don’t just sit on their hands, they put games out at a regular clip.

Wolfenstein 3 was probably planned to be out this year but likely has been pushed for out to next year. Indiana Jones is most likely a 2024-2025 game.


Never said Indy was 2028. It will be 2027. I think this year people will finally see the full reality of the situation when even games that are well into dev see delays

That will get harder for them as we move further into the generation. Series X has some massive untapped potential if you look at things like sampler feeback streaming or ml super resolution. When this is not available on ps5 the gap will definitely widen over the course of time.

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I was going from memory and could have sworn you said 2028 for Indy. Went back to check and you have said both 2027 and 2028.

No hard feelings, so please don’t take it that way. I understand we are all just having a guess based on what is out there and there isn’t much.