Xbox acquisitions concepts promo art

Basically just made this to share any xbox + [insert publisher] art here. I started with this abomination for Square Enix

then went on an updated it to this

and recently this because of a certain acquisition

I will be filling in any others I have done and please feel free to add your own. I went over almost all the requests and adding them and did some other random ones so please enjoy


Koei Tecmo




Idea Factory


Level 5

Namco Bandai


and now the others

Take Two / Zynga

Electronic Arts

Wander Bros. Discovery / Wander Bros Interactive Entertainment

Embracer Group


Epic Games





Paradox Interactive

Team 17

Arc Work Systems


and Tiny Build


Holy cow dude, I didnt saw several of this before

You nailed it

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thanks, took a lot of work

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The epic games one surely took a good laugh of me, they could offer more but they are concentrated in fortnite and egs

But man, I will love to see them working closely with the coalition to make a new gears, or even bring back unreal tournament

Also maybe in the future you will need to redo the one of square since they arent the owners of dq

I know you’re doing these for fun, but doesn’t SE not own Dragon Quest? Neither do they own Kingdom Hearts for that matter, but you rightfully didn’t include that in the banner, haha.

I went over it and decided to keep them in since they do have an exclusive publishing agreement with SE which would carry over

Hey Xbox, image

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Nice work

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Honestly, the more time pass’s, the more I am on board with the idea of MS buying SEGA. I would still prefer others like capcom but SEGA has a lot of potential (also I love atlus so their is that too). I still have my doubts on it happening but if it does I hope MS picks up platinum and arc work systems and puts thme under SEGA too


Gotta say, I respect the grind dude lol. Nice job

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All of those images look great!!

Hoping in order -

  1. Capcom
  2. Ubisoft
  3. WB and all of DC

all actually happen at some point this generation. Teehee. :joy:

No Pearl Abyss?

Man, that’s a lot of work! Can’t imagine how much time you spend searching just for logos.

The Ubisoft one cracked me up :laughing:

thanks, it took a lot of effort

if I had to say my top 3 I would have to say…that is difficult but probably

3)Either SEGA, T2 or EA (not sure which)


1)Nintendo (I legit just want to see the reaction)

I have others which I didn’t manage to do but I was convinced the ubisoft convo would lead in a perma ban because I gave my honest opinion and view

hours lol, escpecially Ubisoft. That slowed by computer down a lot

Pain :cry:


Also as long as I am not banned I have others in the works I will do (NetEase, Marvelous, Nippon Ichi software, Atari, Devolver Digital, Focus Entertainment, Nacon and pearl abyss). If you have any other requests just ask and I will do them


Not bad. Yeah, the Nintendo acquisition would definitely be worth it for the reactions alone. lol

What Ubisoft conversation? Or do you mean the image with 100 studios listed in the picture? lol

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on the the acquisition chat

Okay. Will have to check that out.