Starfield |OT| You're Finally Awake... In Space!

Announced in 2018, Starfield is the next game from legendary developer Bethesda Game Studios. Known for The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, Starfield will be this studios first new franchise in more than 20 years.

Starfield garnered even more interest after Bethesda’s parent company, Zenimax, was acquired by Microsoft in September of 2020. This means that Starfield will launch day one on Game Pass and has been confirmed as an exclusive for Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The release date is currently slated for the first half of 2023.


More info. This game is going to be huge.


I hope this scratches my sci fi itch that Outer Worlds didnt satisfy.


There’s a reason why Phil an co kept mentioning Starfield whenever they spoke about the Bethesda deal, pretty sure he’s even said he has played it already. That recent leak seems like it could be either a control leak to get people excited or marketing stuff being made now for a upcoming stream/video.

I need me a big space RPG right about now I’m hoping it’s this year.


Also this game is seemingly next gen only

Welcome to #Starfield, our next-generation single-player epic, and first new franchise in 25 years.


Ooh I wonder if they got some devkits out early to them to prepare for this or at least gave them the specs a bit early on to help out, when they were talking about the acquisition since that took a few years apparently. This could be the first “omg next gen is here” game to hit.

Yeah, those things really make you think it will release this year. But hey who knows with that God awful virus.

But man this can be a special year for Xbox. That’s another reason they need to lock this the fuck down. Have some kind of reveal soon, official screenshots, information, maybe trailer and then BAM…Xbox/PC exclusive!


The Outer Worlds felt like the serie Firefly. This is more like Star Wars or Interstellar. I liked The Outer Worlds, but yeah, Starfield looks like a full-fledged hard Sci-Fi game. I’m interested to see what the gameplay will be like.


Super excited for this, it has a ton of potential. Looking forward to the next official update, hopefully with a gameplay trailer and release window. March would be a good time for this, no? :slight_smile:

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I hope this is the game that announces that next gen is finally here.


This game seems so promising, and will most likely be my “wow this is next gen” game. I own both consoles, and I haven’t got that feeling yet, so hope this is the game to do that.

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In all fairness, the scope and budget was much smaller for Outer Worlds.

I am looking forward to this game. Here’s hoping for 2021


Doesnt really change what he meant tbh.

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Aka the Todd Howard way of marketing a game.

“Show it when it’s ready” why taking the hurdle now to create a demo when you can show a slice of gameplay later.

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Grubb says if it’s ready, not sure that fills me with hope that it will be a guaranteed presence at “E3”.

But if they show it, it for sure is planned for this year.

A teaser or hell, screenshots or just anything right after announcing the news that Bethesda is now @ Xbox would have been great. Ah well, it’s E3 time before we know it, let’s hope it’s actually there.

Bethesda likes to unveil at E3. So at most I expect a teaser in March if anything.

Everything is a lie.

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No actual expectations since they haven’t shown anything but a logo. Very happy that it’s single player, sci-fi and appears to be third person only.

My predictions -

  • Teaser Trailer at some point after the ZeniMax deal closes with the end of the trailer saying “see more at the Xbox Games Showcase in June/July”.
  • Short introduction by Todd Howard at XGS in June/July. Shows a gameplay trailer followed by the release date - March 25th, 2022.
  • Then at X021 in late October, a full 30 minute blowout.
  • Launch trailer in mid-March 2022
  • Game releases

I know so many want/think/believe that it’s coming out this Fall and I just don’t see that happening. Fall 2021 is all about Halo Infinite. Plus, regardless of how many years Starfield has been in development, Bethesda Game Studios’ games have always been stiff, clunky, buggy and glitchy. Give them the extra six months because as history as proven, they need it.