XboxEra Community Hangout |OT2| Cracking down on shitposting

And good news for C/GX owners the chipset there also supports this so you should see an update for this on those sets. Not so on the AJ90’s where chipset says no.

It doesn’t seem like my tv supports Dolby Vision either. That’s a bummer.



lol this game will get leaked before E3

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Exclusive Starfield leaks + the others from today. Stay tuned - Album on Imgur

for Bethesda game this looks good

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We have a Starfield topic here. :slightly_smiling_face: :point_down:

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If Starfield wasn’t going to be revealed this year, that’d be a bummer. If it’s not coming this year, I wouldn’t call that bad news whatsoever. Give every game the time it needs to be good.

Feck it. Bought Mass Effect. Here I go again.


Wait, what? I thought LGs dating back to 2018 supported Dolby Vision? I’m gonna be annoyed if my 2019 model doesn’t. Haha

The C9 supports DV, and I hope LG is going to bring the update to that set too.

I have the B9. SOB!

When I bought it, I could have sworn Dolby Vision was advertised.

Goin down the only mass relay I’ve ever kno-o-o-own!!!


Its to confirm 4k120hz DV for some.

Your TV should have it!

The B9 doesn’t lack in features and has full HDMI 2.1 connections and will playback Dolby Vision, HLG and HDR10 HDR formats with Dynamic Tone Mapping for HDR10 along with Dolby Atmos sound decoding.19 Dec 2019

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Having ( Dolby Vision ) and Having ( Dolby Vision at 4k 120 ) are two different things.


ok Jeff’s a lot less certain of Starfield for this year now, oof. Still prolly getting shown at e3

Damn! :frowning:

I’ll be a real sad mofo if they end up not showing it. But I cannot imagine that being the case.

Yeah Elden Ring not coming at e3

e3 is dead lmfao :sob:

@peter42O already typing cuz he got more ammo regarding Starfield 2022 :skull: