Xbox Game Studios |OT8| Leaving The Drought Behind And Heading For Starfield

Starfield will push the boundaries of the WRPG genre.

Bet on it.

I want it, i need it ,i must have it!!


I’m curious, is the word Starfield being in this thread’s title confusing some in to thinking this is the other thread?

Not that there is anything wrong with posting about here, but there it seems like half the conversation is happening there and half of it is here. And I feel like there would be more engagement going on between you guys if it was in th esame place, which would make it more enjooyable

I’ve not seen StarCraft in this thread tbh


Wrong IP.

I know, Xbox has too many IPs to keep track of. What a wonderful world!

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Funny thing, I do think we would like to keep all the Starfield talk in the OT for it which is

Starfield |OT| You’re Finally Awake… In Space! - Gaming - XboxEra

There! Maybe I’ll come up with a new thread title so it’s less confusing.


Haha, fuck me. What a self-own

I edited it


I didn’t think my hype for this game could get higher than it does right now, but it did.

The reply was in response to another poster who mocked me hence the wording.

So VGC says that Certain Affinity worked on Perfect Dark and that Crystal Dynamics is essentially leading the project. And that The Initiative is trying a new approach. They created a role for “Franchise Director” and are looking for a “Franchise Art Director”. Maybe The Initiative is pivoting to a World’s Edge approach.


Maybe. Too early to say really since they are also hiring regular devs too.

I doubt that would be the case since FromSoftware has made exclusives with Xbox before: Otogi, Murakumo: Renegade Mech Pursuit, Chromehounds, Shadow Assault: Tenchu, and Ninja Blade

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So are they just gonna move on to a new IP and is PD basically a CD game now that the nititve just came up with a concept for? just seems odd

We don’t know anything really, and I doubt we will anytime soon.

I wonder if they will start a new project eventually because it seems like The Initiative has become a wrapper over CD. Maybe they can use The Initiative to work on multiple projects - serving as HQ while some other third party studios are developing the games.

Was MS even involved with those? These games were at a time when all the console hardware was vastly different so it was really common to see “unpaid” exclusives.

EDIT: Nevermind, I found out both Tenchu Z and Ninja Blade were published by Microsoft and MS was working on the games with them

FromSoftware worked with Microsoft in creating the game’s protagonist, Ken Ogawa. Producer Masanori Takeuchi said: “We worked closely with Microsoft in creating Ken. They provided us with lots of useful feedback and insightful consumer research of worldwide gamers. By cooperating and working together, Ken has become more appealing to a wider audience.”

Do you know what’s a little “sad” (for Xbox) about this game? One week after Ninja Blade, FromSoftware released a little game called Demon’s Souls for the PS3 in cooperation with Sony. Ninja Blade very quickly became a forgotten thought.

(Two fun facts: The Armored Spider boss in Demon’s Souls is actually an asset from Ninja Blade. Also, in the files of Demon’s Souls, there is a Gears of War Lancer)

Ah okay. Thanks

I only mentioned it here as I saw a tweet of someone asking why they were only following Crystal Dynamics and no one else. The tweet was also suggestive of them unfollowing everyone after the article on the studio departures was released. I wasn’t sure if this was the case, so I thought I’d try ask here. Sorry if I’ve annoyed you. :frowning:


The original vision of building the studio did not work, they changed direction, employees are happier with the current vision.

Also kind of funny that the question is being asked if we should worry about Xbox’s studios a week after they were rated the best publisher of 2021.


Universal Rule: The answer to all questions asked in YouTube video headlines: NO.