Xbox Game Studios |OT3| Once more....with feeling (Part 1)

Jesus, now I am hoping damn much this is real because that looks like a huge ass improvement. I already like the whole vibe they got going here.

Hope Skullzi is on the money here.

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4chan… :philyuck: But :eyes:

Wonder if things are leaking from some kind of sizzle reel/deep dive being put together for either Bethesda acquisition announcement or Xbox + Bethesda summer showcase.

Aaron making hype :new_moon_with_face:

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Made a dedicated thread to discuss Starfield since it seems we are getting close to some sort of reveal.


damn you sure, fam?

All the rumors point to it, I am just listening to what is being said.

It was around 49 minutes I think

Is he?

its a joke… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: but i wouldnt be surprised that these leaks, are on purpose.

It’s already ending? I want to think that’s a sign it’s still planned for this year.

Imagine Starfield dropping as soon as the acquisition is final. BOOOM.


Would be awesome if we get a update on the game along with the official confirmation that the deal has been finalized. We all seemed to expecting something late March, so anything earlier is great!

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That would be absolutely insane. But I can’t see that happening, they will want a marketing, surely?

hes for sure joking lol, no way it’s releasing this soon haha

Sees latest Starfield picture

Starts panicking…

“Where’s my character? WHERE’S MY GOD DAMNED CHARACTER!”.

Please don’t be first person. For God sakes.

Arent all bethesda RPGs first person? With an optional third person mode I guess.


I’d say there is a small, small chance. What if they game was supposed to release late last year, is ready and they are just waiting for the acquisition to be done. Starfield this side of the year, Halo in the fall. Pretty nice…

It wont happen, but it would be a glorious mic drop: Starfield releasing as a XSX|S exclusive in May.

Personally I think they are third person with an optional first person :wink: