XboxEra Community Hangout |OT7| Define "AAAA"

Yeah it’s also using the same engine which is good news, TD2 looks awesome and is one of the most clean looking PQ in any game, it’s so sharp and clear.

Damn Swedes!

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Rabbids is gonna be legit. First game was excellent. Love the lead’s passion for his project. You can really see it in the game.


That’s MY line


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Well, if that turns out to be the case, then count me out. At least for a few months. Starting November 11th my slate will be full for a while.


Early WIP of my Malenia figure:


When I have a month or two where I have certain games, I go with my disc based purchases first so I can trade them in once completed. Digital/Game Pass games isn’t going anywhere so I can wait a while if I need to.

I do understand though being hyped for a game where everything else is secondary and will be on hold for a while.


@Jorge_Alexander_Acos Your boy Radahn is next in line after the Scarlet Queen here. :slight_smile:



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That is art man! The work you guys do is absolutely fantastic!

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Sure, why not! (he is on the list but be patient!)


RE4 remake surely. See that as an early 2023 kinda title. Announce at TGA’s I bet.

Yeah, definitely think so too. But what else?

Dragon’s Dogma 2 reveal this summer with release in 2023? I would go insane if Monster Hunter World 2 is announced but it’s probably too early.

Actually that would make it five years after MHW…

Capcom also had a new IP during one of the Sony SOP’s this year, didn’t they? Not sure if that could be considered major though.

The power of big IPs


Like you said too early. Sunbreak expansion for MH Rise is coming this summer.

I know some people here don’t like third party reveals on the Xbox showcase unless it’s Game Pass but I think it’d be great if Xbox gets the Dragon’s Dogma 2 reveal. DMC5 reveal at the Xbox show was a major major highlight for me.

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Exclusive IPs at that


Nah, Disney needs to put their shows on Netflix to survive.

/s if not obvious.


I don’t mind big third parties at their show at all, and if the game is great I’ll buy it. DD2 actually would be a really nice reveal.

As for MHW2, how many years between mainline games usually?

And man, how I wish Dino Crisis got the RE2/3 remake treatment. Imagine how lifelike those raptors would looks, sheesh!