Respawn making 3 new Star Wars games for EA, including Jedi: Fallen Order sequel

Respawn Entertainment is making three more games set in the Star Wars universe, publisher Electronic Arts announced Tuesday. In addition to a follow-up to 2019’s single-player action-adventure Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order , Respawn also has a new first-person shooter and a strategy game based on Star Wars in the works.


The strategy game will be developed by Bit Reactor, a new studio from former Firaxis (xcom & Civilization) developers.

Funnily enough Firaxis themselves are working with a different Disney IP on Marvel’s Midnight Suns.


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Respawn is now a Star Wars production line huh… I miss Titanfall.


Now you have my attention!

It’s tricky because Titanfall 2 didn’t sell well, but EA did send it out to die. I feel good licensed games will always perform very well, so I can see why that’s the case. However I could see a titanfall 3 down the road because I think there’s now a Respawn fanbase due to Apex and soon to be these star wars games


Respawn is extremely talented and I’m happy for them, I just miss Titanfall really.

I’m hyped about their new strategy game though, I’m happy to see this revival of RTS games.


As someone who cares very little about Star Wars, this is a massive shrug of an announcement for me. Shame that we’re not going to see probably not going to see Titanfall (or any new IP) from Respawn for a good while now.

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Can’t wait for it to get added on EA Play

Loved the first one

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People should had bought Titanfall 2 then and maybe Respawn shouldn’t had made a worse multiplayer component too …

Thats my take of the day


So that’s what they meant with the “Titanfall series is still in our hearts” comment. Medium oof.

It means ‘‘we got no time for that, we got money to make’’

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I love Star Wars so this works for me. Jedi Fallen Order was a game I liked but didn’t completely vibe with; I’ll go back and at least finish the campaign before the new one is out. Nice to hear that it’s soon!

I have nothing positive to say about this


I never saw an effort to make me hate Star Wars like what they are doing to Respawn.

God, I miss Titanfall 2

Great news! I love SW and Respawn is a god-tier studio, can’t wait to see Fallen Order 2! :partying_face:


Is Respawn going to become a Star Wars studio now :confused:

Studios becoming licenced IP factories is not my thing tbh

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Confirmation of a Fallen Order sequel is aces. The first was my GOTG. And a Star Wars FPS from Respawn is a dream come true. That being said, this makes the likelihood of TitanFall 3 coming anytime soon much, much less likely :expressionless:.

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