XboxEra Community Hangout |OT6| New Year, Same Three Topics

Not at all surprised since this deal has been getting heat from all sides and actually does raise antitrust issues due to a big semiconductor company like Nvidia gaining control over such a critical instruction set architecture.

Potentially down the line Nvidia could use that fact to enable themselves to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors.

ARM is in such a unique position that I do not think any tech company can buy them.


I think series console needs UI built from the ground up for their hardware specs.

DVR is working fine for me for a while now. But I definitely had problems a year ago.


UI made sense first year but its currently a disservice to the console. Sharing shouldn’t be as bad as it is or taking pictures/videos be causing audio stuttering and what not or loss of frames at times.

For sure, I think enough time has passed where people don’t need to lie to themselves about keeping the UI the exact same.

A lot of it is outdated.

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EA finally found a studio who can make a very successful Star Wars and doubled down lol.

Respawn is gravy so I am very much looking forward to seeing these.

Jedi Fallen Order Sequel


A strategic game via a publishing collaboration

Those are the games


so JF2, “Battlefront” X, “strategy” game, whatever that means, from ex X-com & Civ devs

Zampella has turned Respawn into a juggernaut. Maybe the next Battlefield wont be a mess.

Dont think they are making Battlefront 3. Probably something like Republic commando.

Zampella living his best life

Should be good for Battlefield in like 7 years then.

Us in our 30’s playing Zampella’s BF

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There was major stalls because ARM is like 95% of the phone processors, and Nvidia has nasty background when it comes to partners

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sure whatever you want to call it really, as long as respawn is working on it

not like the Battlefronts have some continuity

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Call of Duty will be great again; I want Battlefield to follow.

Can’t wait to play them in Game Pass, lol


Or they let Gears be Gears and make a new IP.

I’m down, respawn really is the only thing EA has going for it right now.

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So hyped for this, and I am not even that huge of a star wars fan, but love it’s world. Also I assume that strategy game will be XCOM style