Respawn making 3 new Star Wars games for EA, including Jedi: Fallen Order sequel

pretty much what happens to a studio that was doing alright numbers before and suddenly the new games cross 20+ million players lol

Another studio comes to mind. :thinking:

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Zampella said no Battlefront 3 until he sorts Dice out.


We are getting more games from Respawn and a popular licensed IP I dont see the issue granted the games are good and Respawn WANTS to do them.


guess we won’t be looting that box anytime soon

:running_man: :dash:


Now this, this hurts :cry:.



Trust me you dont want Dice anywhere near Star Wars right now.


near anything, more like. :grimacing:

So like Coalition. All good then.

Free to do so.

Sadly true :disappointed:.

Good for Respawn. Excellent devs.

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In that Grubb article it says these are the only star wars games left being worked on EA as they want to focus on their own stuff (in reference to Battlefront 3).

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Yeah I’m prepared to wait, DICE is not anything like it used to be. Was hoping this Respawn FPS would be their version of Battlefront, but I do wonder if it’s going to be something like that cancelled FPS Star Wars game from years ago which was basically a COD game in SW skin.

Poor Iden Versio.

Game of the generation?:grimacing:

YES!!! Super thrilled for Jedi Fallen Order 2 (or whatever they end up calling the sequel) and the Star Wars sci-fi FPS. Very happy that it’s not Battlefront 3. I played BF 2 and the campaign was bad as was the gameplay and shooting mechanics.

Respawn is excellent and EA’s best studio by far as of now. Can’t wait for the Spring!!! Hoping Jedi 2 releases this year. Give me my best year in gaming ever!!

Jedi Fallen Order is in my top 15 for the PS4/XBO generation. Such an excellent game. Super hyped!!

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Game was good but there was a lot that needed improvement

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