XboxEra Community Hangout |OT6| New Year, Same Three Topics

Call of Duty will be great again; I want Battlefield to follow.

Can’t wait to play them in Game Pass, lol


Or they let Gears be Gears and make a new IP.

I’m down, respawn really is the only thing EA has going for it right now.

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So hyped for this, and I am not even that huge of a star wars fan, but love it’s world. Also I assume that strategy game will be XCOM style

Its by a studio made of former xcom devs so safe bet.

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Big enough news for a thread. Please continue posting about the three announced EA games there.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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I think supporting PC is what pushed the success of these games eventually… Don’t have much of the data here but SoT 5M on steam is indicative of the fact tha PC helped xbox after its bad start.

And there are many ips like Sunset overdrive, Ryde quantum break etc which I feel were flopped because of bad start of xbox.

People like to ignore things that don’t fit their narratives.

I have reservations against Actiblizz acquisition myself, but I can still recognize its nowhere close to trying to acquire ARM.


I think this is what it really comes down to. A probable reason why we haven’t got a new Banjo yet for instance is that no one knows what to do with it. Some didn’t like Nuts & Bolts because it wasn’t the Banjo game they wanted but Yooka Laylee wasn’t received that well either.


The PS fans are f***ing insane, there is no other explanation. Jfc


I remember this one, another indie locked down by PS for years and years, IDK what kind of contracts they make people sign.

LOL at the time of the deal being announced no one really thought it would go through. Nvidia are already the 2nd biggest chip producer in the world(only behind TSMC) and Arm’s clients are nearly every one of their competitors and even companies that aren’t.

That’s what I thought when he said he’s played it for years

He’s literally in Fortnite…

The rock in … The Animal Crossing movie