[Poll] What location would you like to see in the next Fallout game?

What location would you like to see in the next Fallout game ?

  • Denver
  • Detroit
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Anchorage (Alaska)
  • Miami
  • New Orleans
  • Texas
  • Atlanta
  • London (United Kingdom)
  • Seattle
  • Other

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I don’t know if there are many fans of Fallout and its lore on this forum but here are some of my thoughts on some of these locations. I would probably choose Denver, followed by Los Angeles, New York and London.

Denver aka the Dog Town (or Cursed City), Colorado

If you want to make a direct sequel to New Vegas, that would be the best place, the exact moment the news of Caesar’s death reaches the place.

The Legion would be bounded to collapse and enter in a state of civil war, especially the Hangdogs would seize the opportunity to overthrow the Legion in the area (as they were forcefully annexed).

It was also mentionned in New Vegas by Legate Lanius that Denver “nearly broke the Legion” as it suffered immenses losses here. The city remains dominated by feral dog packs and pre-War police cyberdogs in the streets.

Colorado has a varied geography and offers some interesting locations lorewise with the Cheyenne Mountain Complex (home of the NORAD, US Strategic Command and Air Force Space Command), Vault 0 (non-canon), the Garden of the Gods and Colorado Springs on the south of Denver.

It also has the Rocky Flats Plant which was one of the world’s most fearsome and filthy nuclear bomb factories (and which would still be active in 2077 in the Fallout universe, so that area would be the next-gen Glowing Sea from Fallout 4 basically).

You can also reuse some of Van Buren’s ideas regarding the city of Boulder (the Boulder Dome and the New Plague).

The Legion does not control the territories beyond Denver (north and east) so you could easily imagine some new factions strong enough to oppose the Legion (like some remnants of the US Air Force with dictatorship rules) or bring back the Enclave.

Detroit, Michigan

In our reality, Detroit has gone through a major economic and demographic decline in recent decades.

In the Fallout timeline, I would imagine that Detroit would have been the most successful and richest city of the US and remained the heart of Chryslus Motors Corporation and the American automotive industry all the way until 2077 (well, almost…). Same for the military industry with Power Armors and tanks factories.

However, it’s known that during the final months before the Great War, things were turning pretty bad for the US economy (as hinted in the Fallout 4 live-action opening). As seen in Fallout 76, the robots replacing the workers didn’t go well either. Lorewise, I would imagine the city in 2077 to suffer riots, lootings and civil unrests from the poor against the rich. Leading the city to become a battlefield and forcing the President to impose martial law and send the National Guard (before losing control ultimately).

A potential faction could be the Rust Devils (that appeared in Fallout 4 add-on Automatron), a raider gang that differentiate from others by their extensive use of robots, being the most technologically advanced raider gang.

Of course, such an important city would have been a prime target for China and would have been nuked into oblivion.

Detroit offers some good opportunitues for developping the lore of the Resources Wars and the annexation of Canada (as Windsor and former Canada territory are accross the river) and how it impacted the population. Basically the story of two worlds colliding and how the most prosperous city of the United States imploded and collapsed during the final months of the Great War.

Los Angeles aka the Boneyard, California

Original plans from Obsidian for the sequel of Fallout: New Vegas. At the time, they teased that “it could be almost a Walking Dead meets Fallout-like thing because of all the radiation”.

The city is also home to the National Headquarters of Vault-Tec Corp. All of the other Vault Tec regional headquarters in the games only have ruins and corpses and we don’t know much about Vault-Tec post-war actually.

I would love an independant Vault-Tec faction, emerging from the bunker beneath of the Vault-Tec HQ.

The Master took control of the demonstration Vault in LA and some Vault-Tec VIPs moved to the Poseidon Oil Rig with the Enclave but it’s not impossible that there was a fully functionnal secret control Vault beneath the national HQ for all of the people still working there (in fact, I think there 100% is a bunker for the Vault-Tec personnel and other higher-ups, it wouldn’t make sense otherwise. Vault-Tec must had contigency plans for their national HQ).

Especially since the Secret Vault in Texas for Vault-Tec high-ranking personnel is non-canon (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel).

Chicago, Illinois

With a revitalized Enclave but this time as the good guys (but not completely either…) in their mission to rebuild America and its governement. We know there is an Enclave outpost.

I would imagine the city to have a look closer to Fallout 3’s D.C. than Fallout 4’s Boston. Something gothic and grim. A feeling of desolation and death like in FO3, with radioactive snowstorms.

Chicago has most of the classic factions from the Fallout universe : the Enclave, the Brotherhood of Steel, the Super Mutants… Much like Fallout 3 but with some new ideas, you could add another faction to make it fresh or something. Or maybe the Brotherhood of Steel splitting in two, which would weaken them a lot. But it should not be Fallout 3 again.

Some interesting locations : the Willis Tower, testament to America’s power, the Great Lakes… There is also the Chicago Pile-1 from Manhattan Project built under the University of Chicago which could be interesting storywise. Argonne National Laboratoy too which was used for nuclear research. Maybe some kind of new nuclear arms race between the Enclave and the BoS.


Anchorage, Alaska

A literal wasteland in the snow with Anchorage as a huge high-tech city/fortress laying in ruins in the mountains, huge radioactive areas and strategic military installations. With mutant polar bears, mooses and other creatures that live in the Arctic

Anchorage could portray the Great War on the ground and the Chinese occupation of the city. With 2 distinct architectures clashing as China took Anchorage in 2066 before losing it in January 2077.

There could be Communist secret cells in the city (somehow like in Fallout 4 and the Chinese submarine) and remnants of the Chinese military and the US military that managed to survive the apocalypse and that are still fighting in the wasteland like if the war never ended, see The Last Ship TV series).

Maybe an Enclave outpost or some kind of presence from the USSR in the north with Spetnatz units in their own advanced Soviet Power Armors or some Kirov nuclear-powered cruiser trapped in the ice, acting neutral to both belligerents (at the beginning at least). I always wanted to learn more about the USSR in the Fallout timeline and what were their views and interests in the war between China and America.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Lots of cultures to draw inspiration from, like a Mardi Gras faction.

It would have irradiated bayous, and the Mire region in Fallout 76 gave a glimpse of how creepy that could be, especially at night.

I would imagine that some parts of New Orleans would be flooded. The French Quarter (or Vieux Carré), with its balconies and galleries, would be preserved as it’s above sea level and could be renammed the New Paris.

Actually, you could add some underwater areas only accessible with some modified Power Armor.

Fallout 4 has a cut quest involving an underwater Vault, so you could reuse that idea as it was a very cool concept (Bioshock vibes). There is no incentive to built it underwater as it’s way more difficult and expensive than one under solid ground. So that mean it would be done for an important reason (like hidding a treasure, a mansion for a crazy billionaire or a Vault-Tec’s experiment to see how long people accept to live underwater with no chance of ever returning to the surface).

You could easily come up with some creepy horror or paranormal stories with such Vaults.

Fallout in the South and the marshes and swamps also means interesting mutant creatures : snakes, spiders, leeches, Gatorclaws…

Cons: Mirelurks, lot of them.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Fallout in the tropical islands in the 50’s island paradise aesthetic.

Considering its proximity with China, Hawaii would probably be one of the most militarized and fortified positions in the Fallout timeline (and also a primary target). Like with Japan during World War 2, American people here would live in constant fear and paranoia of being invaded by the Chinese.

The Naval Station Pearl Harbor is also the headquarters of the US Pacific Fleet and home to many bases, which could lead to some interesting stories or even its own faction (as nukes couldn’t destroy the entirety of the Pacific Fleet once it’s deployed on the seas).

I think Hawaii could have a very strong Enclave presence too, and also a Japanese presence (we don’t really know anything about the state of Japan). This could translate into the architecture of the cities which could be cool.

Locations could include an active volcano on the Big Island, tropical and jungle landscapes mixed with some lava areas, some battleships and aircraft carriers graveyards (both US and Chinese and why not Japanese), hotels and resorts…

There could be a radio dedicated to Hawaiian songs. Not to mention Hawaii has a rich history of folklore of monsters (like birds) they can tap into (like they did with Fallout 76).

New York City, New York

New York and the Statue of Liberty are the symbol of America. It offers plenty of iconic locations : Liberty Island, Time Square, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Broadway…

I would imagine the city to look like the nuked New York in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus mixed with Fallout 3’s Washingon D.C., with a huge amount of ruins and dust from the crumbling skyscrapers and Central Park being the nest of a new specie of Deathclaws or some scary creatures. And radioactive vegetation growing and spreading in the streets beyond Central Park (like in Metro Last Light’s Red Square).

However, I fear that New York could be too much work to handle for a new Fallout considering how incredibly dense and urban the city is. Though you could put some massive craters and flooded streets here and here to have some variety in the landscape if needed. It would need to be done right, with some verticality.

Miami or Orlando, Florida

I would imagine Florida to have a lot of flooded zones with Radgators and other sea creatures. With radioactive hurricanes and other weather elements. And pirates.

It offers some nice theme parks / space related locations : Disney and Universal Studios, all the NASA stuff with the Kennedy Space Center, the Universal, Miami beach, the Daytona 500 International Speedway…

A lot of nightlife, bars, resorts and dance clubs too I guess.

There is no lore for Florida in Fallout, so you are free to do what you want. With the Communist threat in Fallout being so prevalent and Cuba being very close to Florida and the US, you could create a story around this. Like what if Cuba fared well after the Great War ?

FYI: there is a Miami mod in development for FO4.

New London, United Kingdom

If you want to try something new that is detached from the American society, Vault-Tec, etc. London would be the most interesting location in this case. And the city has obviously a lot of iconic locations (Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the House of Parliament, the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, the Gherkin…)

To be honest, I don’t have much idea how the British society in Fallout would look like. Would there be some kingd of equivalent of Vault-Tec and Nuka-Cola (probably) ? What architecture for the Fallout’s London of 2077 ? What happened regarding the Resources Wars and the European Civil War (we know that Europe collapsed but we don’t know that what extent and what happened exactly to England) ? What was the political system (democracy, monarchy, dictatorship…) ? Was the United Kingdom in good or bad relations with America, China and USSR ?

Actually, there is a lot of potential if you want something that feels really new or have some fun with a spin-off. New culture, new creatures, new corporations, new factions, new lore, unique vaults…

I loved Resistance: Fall of Man (which takes place in a ruined London in 1950 in an alternate and very grim reality) so I think I wouldn’t mind a Fallout taking place here because I feel that London could be quite a scary location, especially the subway.


Excellent post. Not a big follower of the lore but I love the games. Just hanging for another mainline Fallout game.

In the meantime I wouldn’t say no to a Fallout 1/2 remaster or something.


I’d love to see in a game the canadian cities and how the occupation worked. That said I think Alaska it’s really interesting thanks that it was the battleground of the oil war between the states and China.


LA, it’s a natural sequel to New Vegas


Something like Chicago would be neat.

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Canada. I want to see it in universe.


Hear me out… Dubai.

Splendid effort @FarSightXR-20 its a shame I can’t give more hearts!

Firstly though part of me would love visiting a part of the UK I think capturing that “50’s Americana” is Fallouts “thing” (or at least for now), and one that really is instantly recognisable. As you mention there is mention of the European collapse, but little else. If they did consider the UK I thing it would need to be set with a more “swinging 60’s” theme to capture that same Zeitgeist that 50’s America has. Would be interesting to see though. Having said that a more Victorian aspect (Thats the nostalgia that the people of the UK clung to in this universe) would be amazing since that lends itself a little more to “steampunk” than the current “Valvepunk”.

I can’t fault any of the other suggestions, nor your reasoning, Chicago is a great idea for the reasons you mention there could be all manner of extra “Manhattan Project” secrets going on at the METLAB.

Detroit would be excellent too, lots of manufacturing and tech, with perhaps a lager difference across the river since Canada had only been annexed a year prior.

I think I would have to go with Denver, partly as ever since New Vegas I too have wondered how the Legion were nearly broken. The varied Geography is right up my street too, and things like NORAD etc match the themes.

Its an impossible choice though, initially I immediately thought to poo poo the UK, but I have almost talked my way around.

Denver, as a way to continue the current “story” I would like to see Denver. For something new and unrelated save for universe, UK.

Great thread and great OP though :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart:


Cool post.

I hadn’t thought about taking 1940s/1950s Detroit forward in the Fallout universe but it’s actually a really good idea, Detroit was so deeply connected with the entire 1950s zeitgeist of cars, suburbanization, and frankly also suppressing differences until they hit the boiling point. And as you mention it was a huge and prosperous city at that time.

A negative though would be the general lack of topography (the place is completely flat lol) and also lack of major landmarks for most people.

Chicago would also be awesome but I’m a sucker for Chicago and other big American cities in video games. New York would be ok but always feels a little overexposed, where I find Chicago a nice middle ground.

One small correction: Chicago is in Illinois, not Michigan.


new Fallout in the style of Genesis Noir with the same 60s New York Loungy Jazz focus.


New York because Skyskapers I want an urbuan region


Ooo can you imagine! Gimme!!!


L. A. please!

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I would love London but I think it would only work if this is a spin-off releasing in parallel after the next Fallout game set in the USA so you don’t upset some fans because the classic Fallout isn’t coming first after such a long wait.

The 60’s mixed with some left-overs of the UK 40’s could lead to something very cool and fresh in my opinion. Victorian style is interesting too.

While keeping that unique Fallout vibe and anglo-saxon setting (even though I would imagine the UK in Fallout to be more grim or sinister because Europe already was in a shitty situation years before the bombs fell. Not like Metro but something more scarier or more disturbing (the grim mixed with the funny / silly). With a dictatorship or the monarchy in power pre-War. Not Fallout 4’s vibes for sure).

Damn, just speculating on Fallout’s locations makes me mad there isn’t some proper Fallout team or studio, there is so much potential in my opinion and I’m here waiting for Fallout 5 to release in 2028 :sob:


I didn’t know that Detroit aera was flat. Though I think it wouldn’t be much a problem ultimately.

Indeed, I don’t know much about landmarks of Detroit outside of the particular history of the city regarding the automobile industry and its “downfall”.

I don’t really have an educated opinion about this because I’m not big into Fallout lore. Never even played the original titles but I’ve loved the new stuff, since Bethesda released 3.

To me, Fallout seems like it belongs in the USA (again, based on my limited understanding of it’s history). Personally, I would like to see a game set somewhere in the southeast. Somewhere that was already quite wild & swampy in places. I think it would be cool to see that kind of location reclaimed by nature, at least a couple of hundred years after the bombs fell.

Very cool thread @FarSightXR-20 :+1:


Maybe Florida, Luisiana or Georgia. I don’t live in the US but I guess that Texas could have some swampy places too.

I read this about Texas a while ago:

I don’t have anything official to add, but here’s some speculation. Houston is the main port city and one of the largest cities in the country. Between it and Galveston, it definitely got nuked to hell. The large amount of chemical refineries, hospitals, and just overall shit there could provide interesting storylines. Most people would be dead though.

The hard part with Houston is the vaults. Like New Orleans, Houston has a kind of “we’re effectively a large toilet bowl, please flood me” topology. As a result, very few manmade structures exist underground in Houston.

A nuclear detonation near it’s coast would likely cause Galveston island to get fucked again, this time without humans around to fix it. The ship channel would be a mess because of this.

There tends to be a large amount of oil in the water because that’s what happens when you’re Houston. It’s not enough to ignite, but in the fallout universe this would likely instead be some radioactive compound instead. If we took all of the petrochemical industry in Houston and made to nuclear related instead, detonating a nuclear device would essentially turn most of the southeast section of Harris county into a dirty bomb.

Because of the lack of underground opportunity, the likely nuclear winter, and the whole radiation everywhere thing, I think Houston is not a prime target for a survivor story.

The panhandle and West Texas in general would fare better. Mutated boar would be hellish. Texas also has an absurd amount of military bases, there could be some interesting stories around there.

Access to clean water would be troubling. The Colorado River rips through Texas and generally gets to it’s ultimate end in Austin after going through three dams. Mansfield dam could theoretically survive an indirect attack and is somewhat shielded. There could be a setting around the West Austin hill country where the dam is.

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Great post. I’d love to see Denver because of the connection to New Vegas but I feel like L.A. has mass appeal.


i’d take them all :thinking:


China ? Maybe with the presumed destruction of Beijing and the collapse of the communist regime in the aftermath of the nuclear war… the nation returned to feudalism, with various warring factions.

Could be a good base for a storyline.

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