Gears Discussion Thread: What should the future of the series be?

I want a good clean fight.

No personal attacks, no hitting below the belt, no steel chairs.

Everything else is allowed.

Go nuts.

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Here is an idea: if you don’t like Gears games. Don’t play them.

It’s not like there is a shortage of games.


But its No Nut November…


But I like them, love the series and own every game but I think the series has fatigue and the new trilogy is underwhelming.

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Gears 6 should be an email

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I will never ever back down from the idea that Gears needs to pivot to an almost full blown survival horror game.

Ridiculously linear, dark, visual showcase.


Gears 7 should come before Gears 6

  1. Aside from being super good looking (not a feat considering this has been a franchise thing) the handling of the series from Coalition (TO ME) has been underwhelming. The online in both games and the way progression and seasons have been handled is some of the worst at xbox. People dont say it enough but Coalition and the online portions of the games have been disasters back to back ranging from incomplete and missing basic stuff that is later then repackaged as new content like simple characters like DOM.

  2. The new story makes the original trilogy and its sacrifices irrelevant. The new cast zzzz besides maybe Kait and she giving me Rey from Star Wars vibes right now that they got no idea what they want to do with her.

  3. Gears is still relatively popular with its crowd but with game pass you would hope more people come, stay and play the series. I havent seen this happening like with SoT, Forza, etc.

  4. Hivebusters was fine and pretty but again just 4% of people bothered with it. It was literally free on GP Ultimate and didnt even require people to beat the base game. Just a total lack of interest even if Dlc turnover in general is always kinda low.

  5. The Gears formula is the absolute same since the first game and they have tried to spice it up with the open world sections, the robot and Hivebuster abilities and All I can think of is the missed opportunity to pivot the series to something like what Outriders was. That or pivot Gears back to the tone from the first game into a more survival/horror based game.

  6. I just dont wanna spend another Gen with “The Coalition is so underrrated and underappreciated” when the problem being is that they just make another Gears of War. It is what it is to the masses and to the people. It doesnt generate interest and at this point in its lifetime its like “yay another Gears”.

  7. Coalition can handle Gears and another IP the same way people be screaming that BGS should staff up to make another fallout. No xbox studios besided maybe Mojang and 343 need to be 1 IP studios, its asinine.

  8. Gears isnt as big as people think it is anymore. With the addition of the zenimax IP’s, the rise of Forza, Sea of Thieves, addition of Minecraft it may as well peg down from a former pillar of xbox to just another IP with some old history.

Anyway just my thoughts as I cant find anything to play lol.


Baird needs to grow his hair back.

That is all… for now while I think of actual comments I’d like to make… aside from this one.


Gears 5 was better way better than anyone is giving it credit for, Gears 6 needs to happen. And the IP should 100% continue but should take a wide right turn into a new genre for a new Trilogy. The Coalition is a perfect studio for action adventure games, The Gears universe is rich and has soooo many stories to tell, take us on a journey in a whole new genre and bring all new fans into the amazing universe.


I liked the first one. Haven’t played another one. Just didn’t feel compelled to play more of it.

:running_man: Give it to id :running_man:

“Should ID handle Halo after Infinite?”

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OG trilogy one of my faves ever. Ill put it toe to toe with Halo :man_with_probing_cane:

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“ID has become one of the most proficient, beloved, and remarkable studios. Here’s why Xbox is destroying the game industry.”

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Cant wait for the article or resetera post saying XGS proficient output of games is harming the industry.

I will say. If TC plans to use the “open-hub” structure like they did in Gears 5, they should definitely bring more life to it.

More enemies on the wild, side quests that matter a bit more, and don’t make these hubs large just to be filler.

Also, I’m not too interested in the “Choice” mechanic because it messes with the lore in a way I don’t really want in Gears.


Gears 6 will happen and continue after it, I agree Gears 5 deserved better praise, Microsoft didn’t buy the IP from EPIC GAMES to only have two games made and call it quits.

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4 Games:

  • Gears Remake
  • Gears 4
  • Gears 5
  • Gears Tactics

Gears POP! as well😉

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