YHMAH Presents: A Halo MCC MP Community Night on September 9th, 2021

With so much big news passed us we’re taking a week off of the YHMAH podcast. This means I’ve got the time to host our 2nd community Halo MCC get together! It’ll be starting around 7pm EDT US on the 9th of September, which is -5 GMT. Please let us know if you’re interested in the thread below.

YHMAH Presents: A Halo MCC MP Community Night on September 3rd, 2021 - Gaming - XboxEra


I’m going to reserve the 2nd page of this post to build up a roster of those interested. I know at least myself and Aarsal are in so please let me know if you’d like to play and what your gamertag is and we can have some fun on stream tomorrow on our Twitch channel (TheXboxEra) please do follow and subscribe if you feel so inclined. (twitch prime is the best!) You don’t have to worry about your voices going out over the internet, I’ll be keeping voice chat in stream to the members of the team as to keep things from being too hectic audio wise.

Participants that are interested:

Doncabesa (Host)

Soulblazers (Co-host)

Daniel GT: Daaaaaniel M x

N0tjack: GT n0tjack

Mostlyharmless: GT M0stly harmless

Knottian: GT SexyJesus

TavishHill: GT tavishhill2003

commanderbuck: GT Sc4rfac31891

nrXic: GT nrXic


Jamie_ODST: GT Jamie ODST

BRiT: GT BRiT wtfdotcom

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I’m so down

GT Daaaaaniel M x (5a’s) :wink:

Damn won’t be around for this one I will be camping this weekend for labor day weekend

We know this is pretty last minute, but we kept putting off community nights that I figured let’s at least try one, even if it’s on short notice.

Looking forward to seeing some of you there!

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I think it’s a bit too last minute so I’m pushing it back to next Thursday, September 9th at 7pm EDT.


Great idea, hopefully I can make it

GT = n0tjack

I’m interested. But my wife might be working, and I got kids. We will see.

Gamer tag : M0stly harmless

I’m down whenever if anyone wants too add me also.

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I’ll be there :slight_smile:


Me playing on Snowbound with the Community be like


Depending on exact timing I’d be down. I’m only free Thursday morning or starting at 10pm that night, but if there are ppl playing in that time window I am definitely down.

GT: tavishhill2003

Depending on timing I’m in GT: Sc4rfac31891

Good ass memories fucking snowbound :joy:

GT: nrXic



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With more than 4 players I assume we are either going to be doing BTB or custom games? Sounds fun, and get ready to both be dominated and tee bagged if we are playing against each other.

Probably, I’ve honestly never really played halo mcc mp. Mostly doing this since people kept asking and no one else would host one. I’m sure I’ll figure out some fun game types to play.

I’ll be there for a bit. Have kids tonight so will be multi-tasking but should be able to join for some of the time.

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