XboxEra Community Game of the Year 2022 - VOTING THREAD!

  • 1: Elden Ring - one of the best games ever made
  • 2: Vampire Survivor - biggest surprise, one of the most addictive indie games I’ve played
  • 3: High on Life - Refreshingly weird
  • 4: God of War - Inconsistent game but it had some high points
  • 5: Plague Tale - Much like GoW, inconsistent but strong high points. Disturbing story had memorable moments.
  • 6: TMNT - Shredder’s Revenge - Great arcade era gameplay
  • 7: Tunic - Innovative game design. Interesting exploration.
  • 8: Tinykin - been awhile since I enjoyed and completed a collectathon
  • 9: Prodeus - As a hardcore PC guy back in the late 90’s, I feel they developed this game for me
  • 10: Somerville - It doesn’t stick the landing with the final hour however the first few hours were very interesting to watch unfold
  • Ongoing Game 1: Halo Forge - despite all the issues with Halo in 2022, Forge remains one of GaaS game’s most incredible offerings.

As an aside, playing Midnight Suns which appears to have a really good gameplay loop. May crack the Top 10 before deadline.


I’d probably have ranked it in my top 3 for 2019. Still a lot of fun


I agree.

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  1. Live A Live

Posted about this in the JRPG thread:

I consider this my GOTY. I didn’t have much expectations, I did not play the SNES version and didn’t know too much about the game’s legacy. What I found was a mind-blowingly amazing game that shocked me that it hasn’t really been altered from the original release (besides graphics). I really enjoyed pretty well all of the stories and the 8th story + final chapter were just so damn good. Soundtrack is just downright fantastic. Only negatives I can say are that they kept some of the dated aspects too like random encounters you can’t turn off and very long battle animations you can’t skip. Other than that it’s fantastic.

  1. The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II

I gave a detailed review here:

But to slim it down: Great game, awesome characters, weak story compared to Kuro 1 but had some great moments, soundtrack is great after Kuro 1 had a weak soundtrack, and gameplay is on point as usual for Trails/Kiseki games.

I don’t really know what this voting thing is, but being a game that isn’t available in English (JP only), I have to assume I am the only user here who’s played this.

  1. Elden Ring

What more can be said? This game had pretty much unprecedented hype levels and From Software somehow, completely blew even those expectations away. To me, the best thing about this game is that it’s the first open world game in a long time where exploring the world is actually FUN and not just a time-padder. You always find something very interesting, how many of you had a “jaw-drop” moment when you found that elevator that took you to a whole expansive underground area? I’m sure everyone knows how great this game is so I won’t say too much more. Only annoying thing to me is the amount of boss reuse.

  1. Azure Striker Gunvolt 3

Xbox managing to get this game on day 1 (well day 4) alongside the Switch version, before the game even came to PC and PS was shocking to me. This game was in development for quite a while and the gameplay definitely delivered. New protaganist Kirin is the funnest Gunvolt character to play as, it’s great to see her zip around while basically trying not to touch the floor (longer you’re off the floor, the more points you get). The pixel-art graphics are big step up from GV1 and 2 as well.

The major fault of this game is the story, which is basically a reboot with only minor connections to GV1 and 2, which would have been -okay-, but GV2 actually has a bit of a cliffhanger ending, so that was just thrown away. The story in this one was also just all around weaker than in the last two games. Story plays a pretty good factor in why I like this franchise so much, so this hurt a little. Still, gameplay is the most important part, and this by far has the best gameplay of any GV game.

  1. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The major DLC for MH Rise. I already liked Rise more than World, and then this DLC improved things I didn’t like about Rise even more. For one, it got rid of annoying Rampage quests, thank god. The story here is also quite a bit better than in the base game (it’s still an MH story though lol). The best part about this DLC is that it tickles my MH4 nostalgia! The return of Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala was awesome and that Shagaru soundtrack, remastered… :ok_hand:. It also adds two new maps to explore, and some offline quests that actually let you take AI partners with you!

  1. Little Noah: Scion of Paradise

I talked about this here.

In short, surprisingly addictive, though it doesn’t last for too long (You’ll be done in 8-12 hours). The game is so cheap though that it’s fine. Has me excited for future Cygames console games.

  1. Splatoon 3

I love the Splatoon games and this is definitely the best one yet. Great singleplayer that borrowed a bit from the Splatoon 2 DLC, and the boss fights are fun and goofy as usual. Online/Salmon Run are pretty much just improved from Splatoon 2. I just wish the game included more new modes for online and that the updates came in faster, they did for S2 and even S1. I put about 50 hours into this and nowadays it doesn’t retain me much (faster updates would), but again, my time with it was great.

  1. Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby games are always good fun, and the transition to 3D went very well! As always, I love exploring the levels and finding collectables, and solving the little puzzles you encounter. Fun and well presented boss fights too (and as usual for Kirby, the final boss fight is a real spectacle lol). I 100%ed the game fairly quickly, but it’s also good it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

  1. Xenoblade Chronicles 3

I wrote about it here:

In short, best exploration and gameplay in the series, story is -pretty good- but ultimately is my least favorite of the trilogy.

  1. Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2

It’s probably my least favorite Gunvolt game, but I’d still say it’s a great game. To get the negatives out of the way, just like GV3, the story here was a letdown after Gunvolt Chronicles 1 had an awesome plot twist. They also negatively changed some gameplay elements (and even worse, locked the improvements that make it play like the first game behind paid boss DLC, which THANKFULLY they moved away from as every GV3 update was free).

But still, it’s still Gunvolt, great pixel art, great 2D action and boss fights, and great art. Good soundtrack too, I really like the final boss theme, especially if you realize what it’s a remix of.

I don’t really play “ongoing games” but I’ll at least list some

  1. Forza Horizon 5
  2. MH Rise Sunbreak (The DLC is still regularly updated, though I am probably done playing it on Switch now that it’s on Xbox)

And that’s it for me. Thankfully for myself I already wrote my thoughts on many of these games :sweat_smile:. It seems like “weaker story” is a bit of a running theme in my list :laughing:. Ultimately gameplay is what matters and while some of these games had letdown stories the gameplay in all of these titles very much delivered.


Don’t forget to vote!


I’m trying to finish a few more games before I finalize my list above. But yeah, more people need to give their votes.

  1. Elden Ring
  2. TMNT Shredder’s Revenge
  3. Triangle Strategy
  4. Pokemon Violet/Scarlet
  5. God of War
  6. Modern Warfare 2
  7. Gran Turismo 7
  8. As Dusk Falls
  9. Vampire Survivors
  10. Olli Olli WOrld

I feel bad not getting deep into chained echoes because I feel it would’ve easily made my top 10, but not fair to put it in since I didn’t sink enough hours

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I don’t know if that counts as cheating but I’ll do a little edit because I finished Signalis and this game deserves a spot on my top 10! @SuikerBrood don’t cancel my vote! :blush: :innocent:

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No problem!

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I edited my list after finishing two more games; As Dusk Falls and Pentiment which both made the list. As Dusk Falls was a good game for sure, but Pentiment… It almost took the number one spot. Such a damn good game, right up my alley in many ways. Excellent.

I don’t think I’ll finish any more, so that’ll be my final votes @SuikerBrood . :slightly_smiling_face:

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