Xbox now tracks the time played of every single game -- go check how many hours you spent on Sea of Thieves!

The title says it all.

You know how we hated how so many games nowadays didn’t track the time played?

Well, Microsoft has somehow fixed that! Every single game now correctly tracks the time played! Sea of Thieves, Wasteland 3… all of them!

During some time the Insider rings didn’t track the time for any of my games. For that reason my Xbox used to show that I had only 56 hours in Forza Horizon 4, even though I knew I had played way more than that. Now it’s fixed!

Before (56 hours):

Fixed (5 days):


Neat! Unsurprising that the Microsoft games have the most information. A lot of the others I checked just have time played and achievements unlocked.

I really missed this feature so I’m glad it’s back. I wonder why they removed it in the first place?

You could say i’m a fan of Forza Horizon 4 haha


I got 1,416 hours in SoT, and I already have someone clowning me for it :frowning: lmao


I just checked and you’re absolutely right. Though some show up with 0 minutes, probably because they didn’t track before.

I’d like to flex my time spent in Battlefront II now:

How do we check this? Via the console or Microsoft account online?

Both on console and Xbox app!

On console you go to: My Profile > Games > select a game > Statistics


Nice. Thanks Bruno. Appreciate the quick response. :smiley:

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For those with a PC you can install GOG Galaxy and you can also view time played on that after linking your Xbox account.

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Can you sort from most played?


This is fantastic! And horrifying…


I already knew my most played without checking… The number is big though!


Oh my, that’s 110 days of playtime!

I just deleted it today, so it won’t be getting any higher in the near future!

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This is my most played game, I believe:

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I imagine this is my shortest completion, using mods of course.


I see that you are new here. You probably might like this thread :slight_smile:


Hi @brunopcosta1 .

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Quick question, can you view these stats through the console or phone app or is it only through PC?