Xbox Game Pass |OT| Our Backlogs Are Doomed

My friend is playing through Yakuza 3 on xcloud and I’m jealous. I wish ios had that option. It’d be nice to chill in bed and play some Yakuza.

In fact, I’d imagine the exact opposite. “Oh shit! A bunch more people are gonna play this game! Better make sure it runs well so it doesn’t make us look bad.”

Launching on Game Pass means potentially millions of users on launch day. I think for smaller indie devs with a multiplayer game this can be a little frightening. Would be interesting to know how Xbox handles this.

They can also work it out like how Tomas Sala (FalconeerDev) did, where it comes to game pass after a period of time or when they’re fairly confident they had enough things fixed up or tweaked. It certainly doesn’t seem like having the title on GamePass was a detriment to them or their work.

I think you use the Xbox app Remote Play function or did they removed it from the app ?

Is age of empire 4 the biggest game to launch into the service on pc?

still think it’s FH4 but AOE4 can perhaps do very well too, easy 3 million players in a month. Flight Sim hit a million players pretty soon from release so a franchise even more popular and renowned like AOE can pull big numbers without a doubt.

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Imagine thinking you know more than actual developers and publishers who have had various negotiations, meetings and access to data from Microsoft and then sprouting your nonsense publicly on Twitter, only then to have said developers and publishers publicly take you across their knee.


I hope you’re right about that, but I have to wonder if the fact that Outriders has a multiplayer component is a factor. I don’t know that its apparent success would necessarily map one-to-one to other third-party stuff.

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Yeah I think SP games would have a less effect, but the effect of a game being announced for Game Pass is big marketing then if the game is good world of mouth is pretty powerful and can spread quickly. MP games would benefit more than SP I think but I still think it’s worth it for SP games to join day 1.

Oh yeah, I agree with you. I guess I’m just trying not to let myself get too excited :sweat_smile:

It would be really interesting to see what kind of data they have driving these business decisions.

haha the fact we even got a fairly big game day 1 is a good sign, every single publisher is looking at this situation like a hawk.

Don’t know about mainstream gaming industry. But Xbox definitely has captured the entire renting games or second buy industry at the moment :sweat_smile:

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slighty related, but Lord Gaben’s words still apply here (even though Gamepass is a pretty big DRM nightmare compared to well, no DRM but the service of gamepass is just a lot more accessible and affordable to offset some of those concerns, especially here in our country).


Gamepass is definitely changing some hearts and minds. My brother has always been a hardcore Sony fan and he always called Xbox trash and junk, things like that. He’s in a group chat with me and a few buddies and we were talking about Outriders on Gamepass. At Easter he asked me what Gamepass really is (even though I know I’ve had to of already explained this before) So I pulled up my app and showed the games that were on the service and told him about Xbox’s studios and the recent Gamepass rumors and how day 1 games work and all that. He didn’t really say much at that time but yesterday when asked what console he was going to get by a friend he said we will see what happens this fall. He wouldn’t commit to PS5.


Anyone here have thoughts on Zombie Army 4? I never played a game from this series but it looks fun.

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I have played the first mission and it was fun. I played solo. Not particularly deep and not something I would do long sessions on but good for short bursts of play imo.


Gamepass Theory!

With Gamepass, Xbox is acting like a pseudo publisher. The biggest publisher out there. They are simply publishing games via Gamepass - advertising it as a publisher would have. Only difference is that they sell these games under a subscription service.

Gamepass checks every point as a publisher.

  1. They got studios under them to publish.

  2. They are aggresive with third party studios and publishers to have there games published on Gamepass.

  3. They pay for development cost and in advance for games coming out on Gamepass.

  4. They have other means of splliting revenue.

  5. They advertise there Gamepass games more then anything.

  6. They strongly believe in bringing games to many people via other platforms (PC and xCloud)

Microsoft has invested in Xbox with two boats.

  1. The old one - platform centric, console centric. That’s where you see the investment for the console hardware. The features like quick resume, VRR, making sure of full RDNA 2, FPS boost, BC, resolution upscale, auto HDR, smart delivery make the platform look good.

  2. Gamepass publishing - microsoft started investing suddenly in first party studios. Acquiring more and more of them. Making aggresive third party deals. Last summer there entire show was about Gamepass. Bringing in varities. Now, look at Nintendo and PS, they don’t bring variety by themselves on there platform. So why Xbox is bothered by variety? Because they are acting like a publisher. There aim is to target players with there own games and that requires variety. That requires advertisement of each game being released. Gamepass makes it so easy. Microsoft is investing heavily on this.

Now these boats has an impact each other.

  1. Gamepass pushed for content - Microsoft aquires more studios - more first party stuff - last i known, exclusives are great for console sales. So here, Gamepass helped console platform.

  2. For Gamepass, more end points for playing game is necessary. Enters Xbox series S. It makes it easy to get into Gamepass. Series S is best secondary console. Then there is xCloud. Billions of customers can be reached. The platform is trying to merge development of xbox and PC games. So that game’s production cost can be reduced and that’s what a publisher want. So here, console platform is helping out Gamepass.

These boats are gonna work side by side. Console platform gives Gamepass a head start and identity. Gamepass uplifts the struggling console platform against its rivals.

Xbox won’t do anything which would harm the other boat. So yes, services on rival platforms don’t make sense. It will help Gamepass but hurt the console platform. On the other hand, if Xbox can get something from rivals in exchange of services - then there is no problem. Both the console platform and Gamepass will benefit then.

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So with the $70 bucks I’ve saved not having to get the Next-Gen The Show 21 at launch, I’m reinvesting it into the MTX within the game.

My team is gonna be AWESOME.

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No wonder why MS isn’t being shy about getting big games into Game Pass day 1, if right now they are getting only $5 for 18M subs every month they are already making 1.08b per year. If every single Game Pass subscriber did the $180 gold 3 year GP:U trick that still works out to $5 a month so it’s lowballing it by a lot. Game Pass could be pulling in 2B/yearly already, let that sink in.