Xbox Game Pass |OT| Our Backlogs Are Doomed

Yea and if you got that three year deal by the time your subscription is up between the high amount of quality indies, 3rd party games big and small and XGS/Bethesda games the service will have too much in it to even think about dropping your sub.


Another thing is people doing the 3 year trick are paying up front too right now if they had to buy more Gold to do the trick, probably helping a little for some fast cash :wink:

What’s the thought on pricing around here? Do you guys think it might go up to 20$ a month?

Personally I doubt that will happen for at least 2 years and hope it doesn’t happen at all. I could see them dropping the lower cheaper tiers and only offering the 15$ version.

To my knowledge the 2 big perks of ultimate over the cheaper version is it allows streaming, and gold is included.

Eventually I think gold will be gone and when they do that I think all gamepass subs will be 15$ a month.

20$ is just too much. But I guess with new games going to 70$ it could be justifiable. Maybe if it’s just an more expensive tier that includes dlc, even then though I don’t like it.

they will probably go up but it will come when they have a stable 25 or 30 million or even more.

yeah at that was a reported 18 million they are probably pass 20 million and with these third party deals it will increase more.

I think were definitely at least a couple years out from a price increase. They are still on growth mode and will want to be aggressive with pricing until people are hooked on the service haha.

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I don’t know what they’re going to do, but I wouldn’t even think about a price increase until after four AAA first party games have released for this new gen. By then IMO, almost everyone will be all in on GP and the complaining will be minimal.


Their current setup with 10 for Xbox and PC and 15 for Ultimate is just right. But I would not make any predictions only months after the Xbox Live price hike disaster, lol.

I’m gonna say it’d make sense to align an adjustment in price with the time they drop Live Gold. After Live Gold no longer exists, the GPU proposition will become significantly weaker. GPU would then be comprised of Game Pass Console, PC and xCloud. However, most people only game on either console or PC, and I know I could easily give up on xCloud if it meant subscribing only to Game Pass Console for the cheaper price.

So at that time maybe they’d rise the price of regular Game Pass and fold GPU.

I can’t stop playing this!

It’s a mix of tower defense, deckbuilding and roguelites. Give it a try if you are into some of those genres :slight_smile:



I agree! Really fun game.


Loved slay the spire so i might check it out. I’ve been playing some Zombie Army 4. It’s fun and mindless, exactly what i want right now.

I think that at some point it will inevitably increase, as most things do. However, I think it will be a while.

MS offer the all access program which includes Gamepass Ultimate and this is a 2 year contract and I don’t believe it can be increased whilst under contract (not 100%, maybe it’s in the small print somewhere).

If anything were to increase I would think it would be a standard tier so as to make the Ultimate tier more attractive?

I see Game Pass staying at $10 but Ultimate increases to $20 once they add in Ubisoft+ (vault) and confirm that future expansions for Microsoft’s first party games get added on release day. Even if they remove Gold down the line, it won’t matter because by then, there will be so much added value to Ultimate that no one will even care that it costs $20.

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no, Ubisoft vault in that case should come as an addon, not built in. If Ubi vault was what would specifically increase the cost of Ultimate, it should be an option cuz not everyone might want to take up that increase in cost cuz they either don’t want to pay higher or just not care for any of Ubi’s games.


Preload’s up for Series X version of MLB The Show 21.

74 GIGS.

Mmmm beefy.


EVERYONE download this game please. Whether you are a fan of baseball or not. Download anyways to send a message that xbox is best place to play MLB.

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45GB on Xbox Series S for anyone curious.


absolutely love this game. I know people say it’s slay the spire lite but tbh as a person who doesn’t play card based games, this was pretty fun and I kinda enjoyed it more than Slay the Spire and Nowhere Prophet. (that level 6 boss is an arse though)

I wouldn’t even call it Slay the Spire-lite, it has more strategy in each fight. Both great games, I like Monster Train more (but it has a far worse name).